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Steel Space Concepts Showcases Easy and Effective Experiential Marketing Booths

Businesses who are looking for a mobile booth to use for experiential marketing can obtain a fully customized and environmentally friendly option from


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2015 -- Experiential marketing is a type of marketing that attempts to have customers actually participate with the brands they love. This helps grow the brand recognition and involves the customers in a unique way they won't forget about. According to industry experts, this is a growing form of marketing and one that's attracting quite a bit of attention as a great way to involve customers and create interest in a brand.

For instance, Birchbox and their agency TH Productions used Steel Space Concepts containers in their latest and biggest activation to date and "racked up more than 730 million media impressions."

Many brands use mobile marketing as a way to create and enhance live experience with actual and prospective clients and to really connect with them. For a company that's interested in implement pop-up stores, however, it's important to involve customers and to implement a strategy that will maximize the result they're looking for.

Steel Space Concepts is specialized in helping businesses and brands to obtain fantastic results. The company uses Experiential Marketing shipping containers to create a turnkey marketing event booth for any business. The company offers event booths customized to the businesses needs with a variety of benefits, including environmentally friendly options.

According to Andre Beauchesne, the CEO of Steel Space Concepts, "Our shipping containers are designed based on what the business wants. The booths are trendy and attract quite a bit of attention. The containers are designed for safety, quick deployment, effortless handling, and reduced costs." The company strives to provide a unique modular structure that's mobile and quick to set up or store.

With shipping containers for experiential Marketing, the marketing can go wherever the company wants it to go. There's a minimal amount of staff needed to set up and run the booth and everything can be completely customized to promote the brand. The containers are designed to generate media coverage and increase the number of attractions to a booth by at least 25%.

Steel Space Concepts also focuses on being green and using sustainable approaches whenever applicable. Many of the materials used in the final marketing booth will include recycled materials and equipment that uses less energy. The company uses environmentally friendly paint and has an option for solar panels on the roof for businesses who want to do as much as possible to reduce their footprint.

Beauchesne stated, "Our company has worked with Fortune 100 companies from almost every industry and count as its clients Redbull, Pepsi, Google, Boeing, Adidas, Ford, AT&T, Reebok and much more. We help them create the booths they need for their marketing goals." Steel Space Concepts looks forward to working with any business and helping them customize their next booth. We offer an easy way for any business to increase their brand awareness and to really connect with their customers.

About Steel Space Concepts
Steel Space Concepts is a leader in experiential marketing in North America. The company has worked with top businesses like Google, UFC, Nokia, PlayStation and more to create marketing booths that are easy to set up and easy to take anywhere. The booths are as environmentally friendly as possible and easy for the business to completely customize. Steel Space Concepts can work with the businesses to create any type of mobile marketing event booth needed, including food and beverage booths that are completely customized.