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Stein Tree Service Launches Their Storm Aid Program to Save Customers Thousands

Fallen trees caused by storms account for a significant amount of property damage each year. See how Stein's Storm Aid Program helps customers save thousands on clean-up at


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2015 -- The U.S.'s National Storm Damage Center estimates that fallen trees and broken limbs that occur because of storms cause more than $1 billion in property damage every year. With home insurance companies covering less and less with each passing year, homeowners routinely pay $2,000 or more out of their own pockets just to have the damaged trees removed from their property after the storm.

It is with these statistics in mind that Stein Tree Service is launching their Storm Aid Program for Tree Removal. This program seeks to help customers save thousands on emergency tree removal service by giving them the option of paying a low yearly fee. For some, this will mean a savings of $3500 or more after a severe storm.

Jeff Stein, the ISA Board Certified Arborist who founded Stein Tree Service, stated "Property damage caused by fallen trees and limbs is a fairly common occurrence. Insurance companies who are looking to save money usually won't cover the entire cost of emergency tree removal. While they'll reimburse the cost of removing the portion of the tree that fell on the home, the homeowner is responsible for the rest. This becomes a financial burden for many of those facing clean-up after an unexpected storm. Our team wants to help minimize that burden for homeowners."

As Stein continues, "This Storm Aid Program was born out of compassion for my customers after years of seeing the disappointment in their insurance companies and the pain of having to pay the clean-up costs out of pocket. For a low annual fee of $299, our team will provide up to 5 hours of storm clean-up and debris removal services. Customers who have bigger or more trees on their property can enroll in our Storm Aid Plus Program, which gives them up to 10 hours of services plus a free tree inspection, preferential scheduling for services, a 15 percent discount on all regular tree work, and access to exclusive seasonal offers, all for $499 per year. This type of deal is unheard of anywhere else in this industry."

"The team at Stein Tree Service believes in giving our customers nothing less than the best tree services and value for their money. This is the sole reason why we developed the Storm Aid Program. It offers customers added peace of mind and ensures that they can put their lives back together as quickly as possible after an unexpected storm strikes."

About Stein Tree Service
Stein Tree Service is one of Delaware's largest and most respected tree service companies providing services to residential, commercial & municipal clients for tree care, tree removal and clearing, construction site management and emergency tree services. They have over a dozen full time employees including ISA Certified Arborists and ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessors. The company fleet consists of several aerial lift trucks, chippers, chipper trucks and stump grinding machines as well as various pieces of machinery for right of way work.