StemGenex Makes Hearts Beat


La Jolla, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2012 -- StemGenex, a San Diego based company, is doing what people once thought was impossible. The adult stem cell treatments offered through StemGenex can potentially reverse damage to the heart. A recent study by The Lancent notated how beneficial stem cell treatment is for preventing heart attacks based on how the cells repair scar tissue on the heart muscle. This is phenomenal news for individuals who have already suffered, and survived, a heart attack or for people who are genetically predisposed to cardiac issues.

Recently, CBS News released a video story on stem cell treatment. What most individuals fail to understand is these treatments are not just available in other countries. StemGenex recently had two amazing client testimonials from US patients who were provided with devastating news and no real alternatives. These patients are doing remarkably well considering stem cell treatment isn’t a cure for almost all classification of disease.

Rita Alexander of StemGenex wants people suffering with illnesses to understand there are not the same definitive answers circulating within the medical community today as in years past. “People have viable alternatives with stem cell treatment. People now have a choice to improve their health and enhance their quality of life. Sure, our services are not curing diseases like Multiple Sclerosis- but we have worked with a significant number of MS patients and they can now live happier and more fulfilling lives because of our services.”

The prior medical thinking of irreversible scars on a heart is changing. Stem cell research and stem cell treatments are evolving medicine and for the better. The possibilities for people to extend their life spans are becoming greater as more medical professionals recommend companies like StemGenex.

StemGenex has established a clinic in S. CA and the company is assisting people as far away as France, Canada, and Australia in receiving adipose-derived stem cell treatment. Physicians at the L.A. location are treating autoimmune conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Psoriasis, and Multiple Sclerosis, as well as, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. These diseases have a devastating effect on those diagnosed with these conditions and their impact is always challenging for the entire family. “Our goal has always been to provide access to stem cell treatment for those who have few options in recovering from a disease through traditional medicine, as well as, for people recently diagnosed with a condition that will only progress over time.” Alexander continued.

Most individuals are still fairly new to understanding stem cell treatment and what an adipose-derived stem cell treatment is. StemGenex is making public perception a priority as part of its Patient Advocacy Campaign. People need to know that it is their very own fat that is used in a stem cell treatment. Human fat is loaded with adult stem cells and these powerhouse cells have the ability to repair and replace damaged cells throughout the body.

“Reversing scars on the heart is major news. But, The Obama Administration released fantastic news for Alzheimer's patients at the same time!” Says Rita Alexander. According to Ms. Alexander and sources from The San Francisco Gate, the president has proposed to add $80 million in research funding for the disease in 2013. That is an additional $80 million to the already $450 million budgeted for research in 2012. The SF Gate notated the push for more funding by the president will be heavily concentrated on the area of scientific breakthroughs for treating Alzheimer’s Disease. This is great news for companies like StemGenex and patients too.

According to Professor Frank LaFerla of the University of California stem cells can potentially rescue an Alzheimer’s patient’s memory, even after it has become destroyed by advanced Alzheimer's disease. "This gives us a lot of hope that stem cells will be a useful treatment for Alzheimer's" said LaFerla. Rita Alexander believes so too. “StemGenex safely provides access to stem cell treatments to improve the lives of many. The company hopes to help more people as the awareness of stem cell treatment rises, especially since the topics of heart damage reversal and additional funding for Alzheimer’s Disease has recently made headlines in such prominent newspapers.”

Physicians working with StemGenex will determine if a patient is a candidate for adult stem cell treatment. Please see the StemGenex website and fill out the information form. A representative will contact you.