Joe Bragg Provides the Stencil Art Community With a Place to Grow and Thrive


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- Stencil art is a growing creative medium that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Whether on a canvas, on the street or on the body, stencil art can be used to effectively convey a message in a manner that breaks away from traditional channels of communication and artistic expression.

Because stenciling is a form of art that has remained relatively underground, sharing and innovating stencil art is something that usually occurs between dedicated groups of friends and acquaintances, who have connected thanks to their common passion. With the Internet, it is even easier to find like-minded people who want to share this passion.

Now, there is one website where many devotees of stencil art are going to interact with others, display their art and discover new techniques and forms of expression. This website is called Stencil Revolution, and it is becoming an online stomping ground for anyone who is interested in stencils.

The creators of Stencil Revolution have big plans for their website, which is already growing rapidly. “Our goal is to build a strong community on the Stencil Revolution forum, where people can make connections, ask questions and most importantly, become better artists. We are also working on the resources section of the site. We plan to release a free Stencil Maker that users can upload color images to and have them converted to black and white stencils automatically. Plus, we’re working on a large database of graffiti and other stencil templates,” reveals a representative of Stencil Revolution.

The website’s forum allows visitors to talk about many different forms of street art, including the stencil graffiti, stickers and posters. Those who are looking for a specific graffiti stencil can consult the website’s gallery and resources pages, where they can find links to fonts, stencil examples and other helpful items.

Moreover, the Stencil Revolution website features many tutorials that instruct both beginners and advanced stencil artists on various topics, such as cutting stencils, using chalk, converting photos to stencils with Photoshop and creating t-shirts.

By visiting the Stencil Revolution website, newcomers and fans of stencils can discover and explore the art of stenciling.

About Stencil Revolution
Stencil Revolution is a website that provides information related to stencil art, an online showcase for the best stencil artwork in the world and a rapidly growing forum. The website’s goal is to serve the online stencil, street, graffiti and other free art communities in every way that it can.

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