Stephanie Elisabeth Campbell Is Writing Her New Novel Based on the Cult Classic Vampire Film Jezebeth


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- When Director Richard Turke wanted to turn his horror thriller movie "Visible Scars" into a novel, he didn't want just any novelist, he wanted a novelist who is fast becoming one of the brightest stars in the book world, so he got Stephanie Elisabeth Campbell to write the novel based on the motion picture "Visible Scars". Stephanie Elisabeth Campbell's new trail blazing novel "Visible Scars" now coming out as an e-book in late June and the print novel coming out in July. And, now the Jezebeth Franchise partners Damien Dante and Jeffrey A. Swanson are pleased to announce that Stephanie Elisabeth Campbell will soon begin writing her new novel Jezebeth based on the Cult Classic Film that was Written, Directed and Produced by Damien Dante. Stephanie Elisabeth Campbell will also write novels based on Jezebeth 2 Hour of the Gun and Jezebeth 3 El Diablo, plus any and all Jezebeth films to come. “This will bring a whole new audience to the Jezebeth Franchise” quotes Damien Dante.

Stephanie is a published selling novelist based in Germany. Her interests include history, traveling, classic movies and biographies. Her first novel was published at age 17. She is the author of many novels including: Specimen X, Poachers, Dragon Night, Tasting Silver, Keeping Freedom, Late but not Never, Cased Closed, Icy Tales of Draga, E is for Eternity and P.S. I Killed My Mother, all of which are being published or have been published by traditional houses. Look for “Jezebeth” the Novel to be available worldwide in bookstores everywhere before the end of the year.

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