Stephen Ecob Looks to Create Nova Electroscope with Funding Support from Kickstarter

Nova Electroscope is an affordable oscilloscope and signal generator for iPad.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- Stephen Ecob had a lot of fun playing with electronics kits in the 1980s. Electronics has since developed into a life long passion for him, but it all started with enjoying electronics kits as a child. It’s amazing how educational play can develop into something much bigger over time.

The largest limitation to Stephen’s learning in those early days was the lack of lab equipment. Years later, at university, learning was so much easier with the help of oscilloscopes, signal generators and variable power supplies. But as a child these crucial tools were unaffordable. Technology has come a long way in thirty years. The components needed to make a suite of lab equipment are now very affordable - so this project makes a full suite of electronics lab equipment available at a price that opens up electronics to everyone .

Nova Electroscope is an iPad peripheral that provides an electronics lab equipment suite - an oscilloscope, signal generator and variable power supply, controlled from an iPad. Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth (BLE) will keep the iPad safely isolated from the circuits under test - preventing any damage to the iPad when inevitable wiring connection mistakes are made.

The unit can be externally powered from an AC-DC plug pack or from a battery to prevent drain of the iPad’s battery and to allow higher power output from the variable power supply units than would be permissible if drawing power from the iPad.

The frequency limits of the oscilloscope and signal generator are high enough to work well at common audio frequencies, but not so high that our product becomes unaffordable.

Physically, Nova Electroscope is a light and compact three in one unit (oscilloscope, signal generator and variable power supply in one unit and working in a common voltage range).

This project will only be funded if at least$120,000 AUD is pledged by Monday Jan 13, 8:06pm EST.

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