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Stephen Lukach III Now Offering DWI Services for Victims Involved in Motor Vehicle Offenses


Haddon Heights, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- Stephen Lukach III, an established DWI Lawyer in NJ, announces new DWI services for victims involved in motor vehicle offenses. People involved in a DWI charge can now set up a free case evaluation and learn valuable tips for fighting the motor vehicle offense.

A New Jersey DWI charge is just like any other criminal offense. The State needs to put on evidence that satisfies the elements of the crime. They have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person was intoxicated and that intoxication negatively affected their operation of a motor vehicle. If a person has wrongly been accused of driving while intoxicated, he/she should set up an appointment to see Stephen Lukach III.

As a NJ DWI Attorney, Stephen Lukach advises many of his clients to seek the expertise of DWI expert witnesses. “And just like DNA experts and fingerprint experts, there are experts that can be used in New Jersey DWI cases to rebut the State’s evidence,” said Lukach. “Normally experts in DWI cases will be called on to testify about the Field Sobriety Tests or the Breath Testing procedure and results. But experts can also testify about blood and urine test results as well as medical issues that a defendant has and how they affected his performance in different contexts.”

As a DWI Lawyer of NJ, Stephen Lukach III will know when an expert is needed and what area of expertise (and expert) will be necessary to fight a client’s case. Perhaps a person has diabetes and was stopped for driving erratically. The officer smells what he believes is alcohol on a person’s breath. A person can’t complete the field sobriety testing if the person is acting irrational. To the officer, this can look like intoxication. But an expert can review all the evidence and medical records and testify that a person was, in fact, suffering from diabetic shock. This is just one example where an expert’s testimony could help win the case.

Stephen Lukach III will also know when the services of an expert aren’t needed. This may not seem important until a person realizes that there are attorneys who recommend experts in every case because they can then charge the client more money to review the experts report and prepare the expert for trial.

In the right set of facts and circumstances, expert witnesses can be an invaluable tool in helping win a person’s DWI case. But the key is to hire an attorney with experience in utilizing experts to maximize their effectiveness.

About Stephen Lukach III
Stephen Lukach III is admitted to practice law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. His legal practice centers on DWI defenses. As a respected New Jersey DWI Lawyer, Stephen Lukach III has been practicing DWI Law for several years. Along with being a member of the National College for DWI/DUI Defense, Mr. Lukach is a Qualified Practitioner in

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and a Certified Alcotest Operator. Mr. Lukach III has defended hundreds of clients and he takes pride in his many successes.

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