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Stephen R Ventre, CEO of Dedicated Sound & Audio Announces International Distribution for Sound Art


Sherman Oaks, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- August 22, at 3:30 During a Press Party at the offices of DSA, 26784 Vista Terrace, Lake Forest, CA 92630, Research & Technology Bldg.,The CEO of Dedicated Sound and Audio Stephen R. Ventre announced the new business relationship with one of the largest distribution companies in Europe. Ventre shared, "This will open the doors for distribution into Europe with a distributor that has outlets in almost every country". Stephen R. Ventra shared he has been working this contract negotiation for the last 8 months and has declared victory for his company.

Ventre's invisible speakers have been a huge success in the states. Originally being used in ceiling tiles and build into walls of offices and homes Ventre's invisible speakers will turn an entire wall or ceiling surface into a speaker using his patented technology. Stepping up his game Stephen envisioned adding his non-speaker (invisible), speaker technology to pieces of Art. After a year of research and development his new product Sound Art was released the beginning of 2015 and was and still is a huge success.

Today his plant in Lake Forest, Orange County is tooling up for the additional business. A plan is in the works to build additional production locations in the United States and Europe to handle the additional business. Ventre shared he is expecting to be up and running in Europe in the beginning of 2016 is all goes as planned

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Summary: Stephen R. Ventre is pushing DSA's growth as he has done with all his companies in the past. It is Ventre's trade mark to develop his companies into a force to be reckoned with in whatever industry he pursues.

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