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Stepping Up the Game in the Floor Coating Business - UAC Floor Coatings Is Your Number One Choice


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2015 -- In a world where trends change with the click of a finger, it is absolutely necessary to have an up and standing knowledge of all the present trends and devices. This simple fact goes for almost everything at present. Here, floor coatings are a must as well.

The concept of UAC Floor Coatings was adopted when one realized that an entire setting could change with just the one coating and henceforth it has been a trend. In this, several companies that have dedicated solely to the field have risen and obviously with more number of companies with services alike rising, the competition has been more than ever.

Industrial Floor Coatings - In any industrial environment you will most commonly have high traffic areas that not only have heavy machinery placed on top of the floors but forklift trucks and foot traffic walking along these areas on a daily basis. In scenarios like this you really need a floor coating that can stand up to such conditions and protect your floors and staff.

Commercial Floor Coatings - Commercial flooring has really evolved over the years to the point where more people are requesting epoxy and other flooring solutions over the conventional carpet tiles being installed or tiles. Not only can it work out much cheaper but it's also more stylish and durable.

The UAC Floor Coatings use a variety of coatings of which epoxy floor coatings for epoxy floors, decorative flakes as well as quartz coatings are recurrent. They also use electrostatic dissipative coating systems and hard wearing Urethane Coats. Resurfaces, Urethane cement resurfaces, sealers, stamped concrete coating, joint pouring and setting mortar repairs are usually their forte.

Probably the most interesting feature of the UAC Floor Coatings is their pricing strategy. They set the price not only convenient to them but they also make sure that the client has a say in it too.

For more information regarding floor coatings on your residential or commercial property, please visit or call 888-879-0508.

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