Steps to Get out of Debt by Credit-yogi

Hundreds of thousands of people are walking around under a dark cloud of debt each day. It’s exhausting and stressful, but there are steps to get out of debt.


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- Take out a loan
- Cut back on spending
- Devise a Budget
- Debt consolidation

Borrow enough to get out of debt

This can be the first of many steps to get out of debt: Ask for a loan against one’s retirement account at work. Perhaps one can make use of the cash-valued life insurance plan one has. Even utilizing the equity in one’s home will help. However one obtains the money, make sure it’s enough to pay off all of one’s debt at once. Imagine how that will feel!

Stop “Frivolous” Spending

Going out to dinner is nice. So is catching a movie at the Cineplex. The problem is that both activities are expensive. As another of the steps to get out of debt, cook up a picnic dinner and go to a public park to enjoy it. While there, play some Frisbee with friends. Do something fun and healthy while saving cash to use for debt repayment.

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Create a Weekly Budget

It is far easier to create a 7-day budget than to try to figure out one’s entire monthly income and how to divide it up. By going week-to-week, one can address one debt at a time. This is less overwhelming than taking on all of one’s debt at once. One of the best steps to get out of debt is to plan out how much will be necessary for regular, everyday purchases per week and then add on 15%. By doing this, one can knock down the principal of one debt or pay it off entirely every week.

Consolidate the Debt

This is the very best of the steps to get out of debt. To consolidate the debt, get it all together. Take it to a debt consolidation company and see if it can be of some assistance. If approved for a loan, it will be enough to eliminate all of one’s debt at once. The loan will then be administered by a representative of the debt consolidation company, who will make payments to each of one’s creditors on one’s behalf. The only thing one will be responsible for then is a once-monthly single payment to the company that loaned the money.

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