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Sterling Trustees Is Beneficial for Those Who Require Trust Administration


Conshohocken, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2016 -- Although many people may not realize it, using a corporate trustee to manage their trusts can be one of the best decisions they'll ever make. Sterling Trustees is a South Dakota-chartered trust company that provides trust administration services to high net-worth families, as well as foundations and endowments. They focus on preserving assets for generations to come using their independent trust services model.

An individual or family can turn in many directions when trying to select a trustee including family members, friends, banks or independent corporate trustees. Families often find that using a friend or family member often creates conflicts of interest, can be burdensome in terms of time and often involves complex subject matter for which they lack expertise. For this reason, an independent corporate trustee such as Sterling Trustees is usually the best way to go. They can provide several advantages, including experience - because the company handles many trusts on a regular basis and is familiar with the legal requirements, objectivity - since they're an outside firm and can make decisions free from bias, and regulation - they're subject to many levels of oversight for the protection of the trust.

Clients who use the services of Sterling Trustees can be confident that their trust is being meticulously managed by one of their highly experienced trust officers, who will use one-on-one communication, unparalleled expertise, and advanced technology to monitor performance. Sterling Trustees carefully develops and manages investment policy statements to ensure the families' assets are invested according to a long-term plan in order to preserve and grow trust assets into the future.

To learn more about the benefits of using an independent corporate trustee, contact Sterling Trustees at 605-593-8950.

About Sterling Trustees
Sterling Trustees is a fee-only trust company located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. By working independently, the firm allows its clients to avoid the extra costs and conflicts of interest associated with large financial institutions. Sterling Trustees' main goal is to keep assets safe while remaining objective.

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