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Sterling Trustees Releases New Video on Advantages of South Dakota Trusts


Conshohocken, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2018 -- A South Dakota-chartered trust company, Sterling Trustees offers trust administration services featuring a multitude of advantages not offered for trusts located outside of South Dakota. The firm just released a short video, "When Selecting a Trust company, Location Matters," that clearly explains why South Dakota is superior to other states. See video.

South Dakota is one of the country's most progressive trust jurisdictions. Because the state doesn't impose state income or capital gains taxes, trust assets can grow free of state tax. For clients in states with high taxes, these savings can compound over time.

Likewise, with directed trust statutes, family members and advisors enjoy increased flexibility in managing and monitoring assets. Trusts have an unlimited duration, which means family legacies from wealth created will continue for generations to come.

South Dakota also implemented asset protection statutes that defend against creditors and has unrivaled privacy laws. Unlike states that follow the uniform trust act, a trust's existence doesn't need to be disclosed when a minor turns 18 years old. Details and provisions of a trust can never be publicly revealed during litigation.

The state also boasts the country's best trust, decanting and reformation statues. Even the oldest and more obscure trusts may be decanted or reformed quickly and efficiently to South Dakota. Even those who don't live in South Dakota can take advantage of its progressive trust laws as a beneficiary.

Those interested in learning more about their trust administration services and the benefits that they can reap are encouraged to contact at 605-593-8950 or

About Sterling Trustees
Sterling Trustees is South Dakota-chartered trust company located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. By working independently, the firm allows its clients to avoid the extra costs and conflicts of interest associated with large financial institutions. Sterling Trustees' main goal is to keep assets safe while remaining objective.