Stern Levenson: Millions of Financial Assets Still Waiting to Be Claimed


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- With approximately twenty billion pounds of assets left unclaimed in the UK, it’s little wonder that people are now beginning to turn to professional asset recovery firms like Stern Levenson for help. The issue of lost financial assets came into the limelight recently, when an episode of the BBC programme Money Box assisted a man named Rob Hewitt in tracking down his parents’ lost life insurance policies. Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence – paperwork gets misplaced, accounts get forgotten and people end up missing out on the profits from their past financial investments.

For those who have reason to believe that they have lost some of their assets, the first thing to do is to approach the company that you think may hold the asset. If this is unsuccessful, the Pension Tracing Service should be used – this is free and can often be a quick and convenient way to locate a lost pension. The Unclaimed Asset Register is another option for anyone in search of their insurance policy. However, if your search is not successful, don’t give up, as it doesn’t mean that the asset is gone. Companies like Stern Levenson can be used in such cases – this type of firm has a number of resources at their disposal which can be used to track down hard to find assets.

The Unclaimed Asset Register currently has about four and a half million assets which have been registered over the course of the last decade or so. These assets originate from eight five different companies. The man who runs the register, James Jones, says that organisations usually register lost assets with them in instances where they have good reason to believe that one of their customers has lost touch with them. Whilst Jones cannot view the value of the assets, he and his team have carried out research which suggests that the average asset which is claimed from the register is worth about six thousand pounds. As such, it really is worth carrying out a search, if you think there is even a small chance of one of your assets is registered – this is something which the staff at Stern Levenson actively encourage, as a quick registration and a small fee could lead to a large sum of money being recovered.

Jones processes at least six hundred enquiries each month, of which about sixty result in a positive match to a registered asset. Once a customer sets up an account and carries out a search, their details remain on file with the register, and Jones and his staff repeat the search periodically over the course of the next six years – these additional searches are completely free.

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