STERNA VLA Team Is Now in Second Month of Its Crowdfunding Journey to Build Aircraft for Everyone


Belgrade, Serbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- The design team behind the STERNA have gathered a lot of constructive and positive feedback from crowdfunders so far leading to more innovations in personal aircraft ownership. Perhaps one of the most interesting ones is their answer to the following question:

"Can STERNA be flown by a person who has a certain level of physical disability?" and their answer is YES. The STERNA team is proud to announce that they have started working on a special modification of the standard version of STERNA in order to allow disabled people to fly.

STERNA truly wants to create an airplane for everyone. When it comes to finances, the latest information is that they need at reach at least 10% of their flexible funding goal to complete a prototype. The STERNA team is very passionate about this project and will continue to persevere so that STERNA VLA can start mass-production and make it possible for everyone to fly in much the same way Henry Ford's groundbreaking mass-production breakthrough with the Model T made it possible for everyone to drive a car back in the beginning of 20th century.

Be a part of history and back this world-changing crowdfunding project.

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