Steve Hall and Donna Gaeta Announce the Release of Their New Website


East Falmouth, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- Ever thought of joining a class to take a guitar lesson? Steve Hall and Donna Gaeta have made this easy for all the aspiring guitarists. They have started their own website, dubbed Guitar Tabs Music, where they have online lessons available for the ease, understanding and learning of these aspiring guitarists.

Of course just buying a guitar and keeping it as a decoration piece will not justify the expense that was incurred, and also a person would want to learn how to play it. But then who would want to go through the entire hassle of physically going to a class or asking a teacher to come over. A person would prefer and rather enjoy it more if such learning could take place online. Guitar Tabs Music makes this so much easier on the people who want to sit at home and learn how to play a guitar.

This website has been made keeping in mind the ease and comfort of both the beginners and the expert guitarists. There is enough data available to help with guitar for beginners and experts. The videos available on this website allow the user to play songs right away, even the songs that they had never heard before. It keeps in mind the need of the guitarist and caters to it. The website is a very good idea on the efficiency and effectiveness front. Every person who buys a guitar would want to be able to play it properly and would also want to be able to learn things quickly.

A lot of times it happens that people waste a lot of money on classes and teachers, and they end up consuming so much time with the basics that by the time they reach the fun part, the interest is long gone. This website with the use of efficiency and time saving develops and maintains the interest levels of the aspiring guitarists so that they do not lose hope and give up.

Below are to user reviews for Guitar Tabs website:

“WOW! I have been self teaching myself from a book/cd I purchased 3 weeks ago. I just found this site about 3 nights ago and what can I say? My playing has gotten better in these last three nights than the entire three weeks prior! You have an amazing site here. I am an addict!”

Gary Furman:
“Absolutely perfect! I am an accomplished rhythm player but always struggled with tabs.....This teaches music, the song, theory and makes it simple and fun.”

These testimonials portray the effectiveness of this site in increasing the ability of guitar owners to play better. Steve Hall and Donna Gaeta have put together Guitar tabs for the ease of all the guitar players.

Interested guitar owners or lovers may visit for more information.

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Donna Gaeta is the founder of, a website building and marketing site, while Steve Hall is currently an SEO Specialist who specializes in 1st page Google rankings for local business. The two, through hope to help people who wish to learn music, especially on the guitar.

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