Sticking with Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans Is Not a Bad Idea: Know Why


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Taking some time to look into the advantages and disadvantages will provide the information you need to make that decision in an informed manner.

The concept of adjustable rate mortgage loans developed when fixed rate loans carried much higher interest rates. While fixed rate loans are at an all-time low at the present time, there are still situations where ARMs are advantageous. For instance, you have those situations where a first time home buyer may have just begun earning money in his or her career, so is not high on the rung of the ladder income-wise. These lower payments in the early days of the mortgage will allow that homeowner to gain some momentum before having to make higher mortgage payments.

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When new homeowners enter into contracts for adjustable rate mortgage loans there is usually a period of time when he or she has a fixed rate—the period may be three to five years and after that the rate will increase annually or for any other specific period of time. This allows new homeowners to see salary increases that will then allow them to afford the new payments on the home. Not only that but it gives them time to see if the ARM is going to work for them or whether they will need to refinance into a fixed rate loan because their salary doesn’t increase as much as they had anticipated.

Before you do anything else it’s important to take some time to research the adjustable rate mortgage rates. You want to make sure you are comfortable with the terms of an ARM and fully understand when and how much your payments are likely to increase. For some people the idea of a fluctuating interest rate is scary, and they want something more stable. Not everyone is flexible enough to work with the idea of their mortgage payments rising every six months, yearly or whatever the mortgage contract states. They expect taxes and insurance to rise but prefer principal and interest to remain steady. You must weigh all these factors before you make the decision to enter into a contract for an adjustable rate mortgage loan.

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