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Sticky Business Reports More Than 4,400 Individuals Died on the Job in 2013

Sticky Business publishes recommendations to reduce the risk of injury or workplace death for employees, customers, and the public


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Workplace accidents continue to be of concern, as OSHA reports an estimated 4,405 workers died while working in 2013. Business owners need to ensure employees understand proper procedure at all times, yet each business remains unique. Owners worried about protecting their employees, therefore, should look into custom printed warning labels, ones designed to be specific to their products and work environment.

"With the help of Sticky Business (, owners find they can promote safe practices more effectively. Generic warning signs often fail to warn of specific dangers found in the work environment, yet this no longer must be the case. With the help of these custom labels, business owners see they can protect not only their employees, but also customers and the public," Lara Burke, spokesperson for Sticky Business - The Custom Label Company, declares.

To be effective, the warning must be noticeable and easily understandable. Size and color play a role in this, as does proper word choice and graphics which are easily understood. Make sure directions offered on the warning are easy to follow to increase compliance. With the help of labels such as this, businesses discover it easier to avoid litigation.

"Numerous business owners believe custom warning labels to be too expensive. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, custom warning labels save business owners time and money. Not only will the business remain in compliance with OSHA standards, the company reduces the risk of litigation and many find their insurance provider rewards them for using these products. Be sure to ask your insurance carrier if a discount is offered for making use of labels of this type," Burke continues.

In addition to custom warning labels, Sticky Business provides other products, products designed to help clients complete a wide range of tasks. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, and consider color coding labels for different types of hazards. With the help of Sticky Business, companies find they can address all of their label and decal needs quickly and easily.

"Sticky Business offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of all industries. Determine which items will provide the best exposure for potential dangers. Some opt to make use of domed decals, yet others feel an anniversary seal attracts more attention. Sticky Business works with clients to find the items which best meet their needs and provide the most effective warning," Burke states.

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