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Stiletto-Swagger, Self-Love and S&M: 'Little Vanilla Book' Urges Women to Reclaim Their Worth Unconventionally, Hailed "Taboo-tastic!" by Critics

Written from the heart and experiences of Lux Alani, ‘Little Vanilla Book’ addresses the growing epidemic of women playing life small and feeling unworthy. Alani knows first-hand that conventional sources of empowerment fall short, and her breakthrough self-help book is calling on women to don their stilettos, embrace the merits of S&M and become the bold heroines of their own lives. There’s nothing quite like this on the market, then again, Lux Alani is no stranger to tossing life’s rulebook out the window.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- Female empowerment has become something of an oxymoron as it dominates the global media agenda at a time many women have lower opinions of themselves than ever before. Conventional approaches to self-love and personal power have now had their day but, as saucy recent literary releases have opened millions of women’s minds to the subject of S&M, a new self-help book steps onto the scene with gusto to allow any woman to reclaim her authentic power.

It’s hard to pigeonhole Lux Alani’s ‘Little Vanilla Book’ into any single genre. It’s a mind body spirit book, a woman’s gift book, and inspiring personal narrative. Put it this way – the author’s fruitful experiences as a dominatrix have transposed themselves into a wholly unique if unconventional model for improving body image, sky-rocketing self-confidence, quashing fear and giving “personal power” a fresh new meaning.

The author says, “It may initially sound a little off-the-wall, but the merits of S&M are a foundation for healthy empowerment. While I’m ‘vanilla,’ Pollyanna affirmations just weren’t cutting it. I was able to tap into my personal power and my humanity as a dominatrix. I want other vanilla women like myself to live with gusto, own their swagger, and have a blast in the process. Believe me, it works!”


From self-discovery to self-acceptance, Little Vanilla Book offers mighty insights into becoming your truest, most swaggering self. Author Lux Alani’s fresh take on loving up your heroine and giving her the tools to shine is written with the voice of a bawdy, insightful, bare-hearted poet. Alani combines experience, research, and an unblushing purpose to take readers through the taboo curiosities of the kink world, using the merits of S&M for personal growth. Little Vanilla Book helps women actualize their potential, stiletto up, and reclaim fun.

“My intention is to inspire women to be the heroines of their lives. If we can love ourselves, we can live with wholeness and authenticity and be a force. The book’s ‘power practices’ help women become heart-based badasses, whatever their starting point. It’s absolutely possible to create beauty from struggle,” explains the author, who triumphed over her own abusive childhood to excel as a crisis counselor and international model.

Early reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. Psychologist J. Calvin comments, “This little book will help you better love yourself, be authentic, and kick ass. It’s irresistible!”

Indie Mirror writes, “Taboo-tastic! The concept of using the merits of S&M and applying them to a ‘vanilla’ life is uniquely inspiring.”

Atlantic AP Media views the book as the real deal; “This little must-read book delivers. It is hard to walk away without a wave of confidence and new approach to life.”

Alani sees her work appealing to all women on a number of different levels.

“I think the unconventional nature of what I have to say is the most unique selling point, but it’s also a beautifully packaged gift book that creates irresistible allure from a visual point of view. It’s charmingly sized so that women can throw it into their bags for constant inspiration. I hope that, after discovering my fresh take on empowerment, women will share this book with their friends. We can start a true global movement with this little book; one that nobody else has conceived and one that will finally give women that ‘something deeper’ that allows them to live their true lives,” she adds.

‘LITTLE VANILLA BOOK: Creating Self-Love and Stiletto Swagger’, published by Gurl Empire, is available now: http://amzn.to/1mmWjNF

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://luxalani.com

About Lux Alani
Lux Alani strives to inspire heart-based badasses. She is a keen-eyed chronicler of the human condition, and lays herself bare as an award-winning author who champions everyday heroes. A native Californian, Lux has been a crisis counselor, international model, cultural activist, and friend to child and mutt.