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Stingball Limited Announces Proposed Stingball(TM) Knockout Tournaments for 2014

Planned tournaments will give top teams in fast-growing sport of Stingball(TM) chances to prove their skill in Nottingham, Warrington, and Cardiff, Stingball Limited reports


Nottingham, Nottinghamshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2014 -- Stingball Limited, the official organizing body for the fast-growing sport of Stingball™, announced planned knock-out tournaments in Nottingham, Warrington, and Cardiff for this year. Based on a schoolyard game that developed spontaneously in the 1980s, the modern form of Stingball™ has proven to be an engaging and fun way for adults to get much-needed exercise, a fact that has contributed to the rapid increase in popularity of the sport since Stingball Limited began officially organizing games. Final details of the upcoming tournaments are still being firmed up, and those interested in receiving updates may sign up for them at the Stingball Limited website.

"With Stingball taking off in really impressive ways, we here at Stingball Limited and the World Stingball Association are pleased to announce plans for our first official tournaments," Stingball Limited representative James Smith said, "We are still working on the details, and we expect to announce events in Nottingham, Cardiff, and Warrington in the coming days." Normally played with a simple, easily obtainable tennis ball, Stingball™ is a team sport that can accommodate groups of anywhere from a handful of people to thirty or more. The informal origins of the sport belie an activity that can become as intensely competitive as participants might want, making Stingball™ fun and exciting for everyone from the most casual players to those who prize winning above all else.

Stingball Limited was founded to help players enjoy this exciting sport more easily and conveniently. By organizing matches throughout the company's present service area, Stingball Limited makes it simple for Stingball™ participants to drop in for a game as and when they are able, making this excellent form of exercise one of the easiest Team sports to integrate into busy lives.

Players looking to get started with Stingball™ can register for free at the Stingball Limited website, after which they will be eligible to join games listed there. First-time players enjoy an initial session of the game at no cost, through which they will also be brought up to speed on the game's rules and traditions of sportsmanship.

Those looking to become more involved with Stingball™ often find that becoming a coach is the best route toward doing so. Stingball™ coaches organize and oversee matches, helping new players understand how the game is played and watching to make sure that rules are followed and good sportsmanship is practiced throughout. A Stingball™ coach also acts as a Personal Trainer, encouraging participants to engage in the physical activity that makes the sport such good way of burning up to 1000 calories every hour and raising overall levels of fitness quickly. Stingball™ coaches receive hourly pay from Stingball Limited for overseeing matches and may also become eligible for lease payment support on Renault Clio cars carrying Stingball™ livery.

The proposed knockout tournaments just announced by Stingball Limited will be the first in the sport's history and are expected to attract significant attention from players and fans. Those interested in finding out more about these tournaments may sign up at the Stingball Limited website for notifications of further details as they become available.

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