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STNA Classes Revealed Murder Suspect's Desire to Work as STNA

Shocking news which revealed that a murder suspect is given permission to travel and most likely to work as STNA at a nursing home. For individuals who are interested to become a STNA, there are a few important factors that must be considered before enrolling in any STNA classes.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- According to the recent report by ChronicleOnline, a murder suspect has been given approval to travel and possibly to work as STNA. The suspect is likely to work at a nursing home’s kitchen and also as a STNA.

The suspect’s lawyer defended this decision by saying that the suspect needs to work in order to support the living expenses and all the legal and other fees. This move is also supported by the Lorain County Common Pleas Judge, James Miraldi, which mentioned that, “Taxpayers would be better off if she’s working.”

This is definitely a shocking news as customers in the health care industry will always expect the nurses to have good behavior and without any criminal record. Imagine going to a nursing home and later found out that one of the nurse assistants working there is a murder suspect. This will definitely bring unwanted fear, and may possibly affect the reputation and business of the nursing home.

On the other hand, on humanitarian ground, the suspect should be given the right to work in order to earn all the living expenses the suspect needs. Rejecting the suspect’s application to work will only make things worse as this will bring financial disaster to suspect and may force the suspect to commit other crime while on bail.

For individuals interested in becoming a STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) in Ohio, one needs to complete the necessary STNA classes and eventually pass the licensing test before one is allowed to work as STNA.

On the website, visitors to the website will find information and guide on how to choose the right STNA programs. It is of upmost importance that when choosing the right STNA training program, one needs to ensure that the class that one is choosing meets the regulated and mandated requirements set by the state. This is very important as failing to observe this rule may result in an individual’s failure to enroll in the STNA examination.

As the STNA classes includes a lot of written and skills test, one must see that the classes are conducted with proper training. After one passes the test, the individual will get an STNA certification and will be registered to an external registry which keeps a track of students who are working currently or had worked previously in this field.

The site provides all the data and information one is required to learn about STNA so that an interested candidate can easily start their career in this field. Additionally, this site gives practical information regarding STNA, their salary range and a guide on how one can choose Ohio's best STNA program.

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