Stock-bb Inc Attracts Stock Market Traders After Its Launch, Provides Analysis on Penny Stocks


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 --, the recently launched free stock market discussion board, has quickly attracted many stock market traders. The company states that the immense traffic is of no surprise as they have designed the forum methodically and specifically for stock market discussions. has also become a hot spot for discussing penny stocks.

The media spokesperson of the company, Mr. Gold quoted on the launch and recent popularity of the forum, “We are pleased that our members are enjoying the features of the forum. We have worked rigorously in creating a forum that is easy to use for discussing the stock market today. We at are active traders ourselves. Hence, we understand the requirements of traders and have customized the forum accordingly. We are passionate about penny stocks and provide updated analysis on latest stocks. So far, we have had a good start and will try to create more traffic in the future.”

Other than analysis of various stocks, the forum also provides educational materials on the stock market. The discussion board is continuously regulated by the administrators to ensure fair and legit usage. Other than penny stocks, discussions on binary options have also created fair amount of traffic. Latest news and trends are also frequently updated and discussed.

Mr. Gold further quoted on the exchange traded funds, “ETF discussions are also one of our forum’s specialties. We provide our own analysis on the latest ETFs, which are often commented upon by traders worldwide. These feedbacks are usually accompanied by in depth technical and market analysis of the ETFs.” is quickly becoming popular, probably because of the regulation and maintenance of the forum being done by traders themselves. The company promises to provide more educational materials in the future to help the beginners. Frequent analysis on various stocks, ETFs and binary options are also part of company’s agenda.

About Stock-bb Inc
Stock-bb Inc is one of the leading forums for stock market discussions. Through their online platform,, the company provides a free stock market discussion board where traders discuss their strategies, trends and stock predictions. The company also publishes various educational materials on the stock market. The company is known for its active discussions on US and Canada stocks, and analysis of penny stocks.

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