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Stock Market 101 Simplified: New Book Aims to Introduce 1,000,000 People to the U.S. Stock Market, Through Simple & Action-Driven Strategic Education

Researched, tested and compiled by educator Naim Abdullah, ‘Stock Market 101 Simplified’ can have anyone reading a stock chart in seconds and returning profits in just one week. By doing away with hype and replacing it with time-tested investing strategies and education, Abdullah hopes to introduce over one million people to the stock market and have them build life-changing portfolios for the rest of their lives.


Killeen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- While most pre-class chatter among juniors and seniors focuses around entertainment, one’s latest love interest and plans for the upcoming weekend, those taking Naim Abdullah’s economics class at Killeen’s Richard Milburn Academy Charter High School, instead, trade investment strategies and stock market tips.

These prestigious youngsters are only becoming the winning investors of tomorrow due to Naim Abdullah and his to-the-point stock market wisdom. Fusing Abdullah’s tips with his book, ‘Stock Market 101 Simplified’ and computer simulation software, students are actively playing a simulated stock market and making actual trades in real-time.

However, in an effort to introduce over one million people to the stock market, Abdullah is stepping outside of the classroom and introducing his book to the world. He has already been teaching the stock market to adult students since 2008.

Synopsis of ‘Stock Market 101 Simplified’:

The mission with this book is to introduce 1,000,000 people to the stock market! This book will help anyone with the following and more:

- Now more than ever, focus on stocks…Why?
- Learn stock market basics
- Take control - understand splits, dividends, P/E Ratio
- Easily understand how to place a buy order
- Forget guesswork, use simple principles
- Learn market movement - price/volume is everything!
- Learn how simple and easy profits are made
- Understand when to sell your shares
- Read a stock chart in seconds
- Open a trade account and much more!

This book was simplified so that anyone can learn how to earn profits in just one week!

“This all started with my classes, where I empower young people to live a secure future through lessons in the economy, money management and financial literacy,” says Abdullah. “Dry theory doesn’t work, which is why every piece of information I give my students has some kind of action behind it. They then put everything into practice on simulated stock market software and the results have been incredible.”

Continuing, “However, I don’t want to be confined to helping just a couple of dozen students. That’s why I have turned my textbook into an easily-accessible guide and made it available to the general public. My plan is to train over one million savvy investors in this way.”

Abdullah maintains that his book can be easily read and understood by anyone. However, Abdullah teaches a live (teacher-led) step by step instructed course.

“As I initially taught people less than eighteen years of age, everything is written to be ingested and applied by anyone – from all walks of life. Pick it up and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll be placing profitable trades a week from now!”

‘Stock Market 101 Simplified’ is available now: http://www.tradesides.com/stockmarket.html

About Naim S. Abdullah
Naim S. Abdullah was born in Jacksonville, Florida on November 5, 1962. Abdullah’s drive, passion, and analytical mind make him ideally suited for the teaching and the training profession. He earned his MBA in 1996. His distinguished career includes roles in business as a CFO and Vice President. He is a college adjunct instructor and has consulted as an executive management analyst. At Bethel Healthcare Agency, Abdullah was a key player in business development and growing the company sales from $2 million to $9 million in revenue in a single year. His career also includes eleven years of service in the US Army. As a soldier, he lived abroad for over four years in Germany and South Korea. Abdullah founded Tradesides.com in 2009, now in its fifth year of business. The company is currently reorganizing its website and delivery system for the distribution and direct teaching of its Stock Market 101 courses nationwide.