Stock Market Analyst Revisits Prediction #4 from "2012 Will Not Be Quiet," Which Called for Decreased Unemployment

Well known stock market analyst and public speaker, Peter Leeds, released his twelve predictions for 2012 over a year ago. He expected the unemployment rate to drop from where it sat at the time at 9.5%, as a result of an improving economy and the inflow of cash corporations had sitting on the sidelines. Author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," and the world famous Peter Leeds Penny Stocks financial newsletter, Leeds uses his predictions to direct his expectations for his world famous penny stock picks and analysis.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- In late 2011, Peter Leeds released his article "2012 Will Not Be Quiet" which made twelve predictions of events to watch and expect in the coming year. One year later, Leeds is revisiting those comments.

Prediction # 4 called for lower unemployment rates closer to 7.5%, down from where they were currently sitting at above 9% and rising. Leeds cited the billions of dollars major corporations had sitting on the sidelines, and the improving economic outlook in America, for the main drivers which would pull unemployment rates down towards 7.5%.

Months after the prediction, the unemployment rate has fallen substantially, and has hit a recent low of 7.8%. Leeds expects that number to fall even more over the coming months, as the employment picture continues to improve.

Leeds is an expert at investing in penny stocks, and publisher of the world famous Peter Leeds penny stocks online newsletter, which has sold over 35,000 subscriptions. He is also the author of several books on penny stocks (published through John Wiley & Sons), a public speaker, and analyst for low-priced investing opportunities.

Leeds is quick to point out that neither he, nor any of his team members, have ever accepted any compensation from the companies they analyze and profile.

"Our prediction has played out exactly as we expected," mentions Leeds, who use their analysis to uncover the best high quality penny stocks with the greatest price upside. "The unemployment rate has further to fall, but that will take time as always. You will also see a shift in the mix of what it means to be employed. More people will be in jobs they like, while fewer employed persons will be under-employed compared to their preference."

Leeds mentions that he and his penny stock analysis team put their predictions to work. "By looking at the trends and tides in the overall economy, you can uncover stocks which may thrive. When we find those penny stocks we expect will do well, we bring those to subscribers of our leading newsletter."