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One of the best places to read honest reviews of financial institutions and stock trading services is Stock Pick Reviews. They have recently published review of Scottrade, an online broker.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- In a recently published analysis of Scottrade, the editors of Stock Pick Reviews provided their usual informed, well-researched peek into the business operation of this online broker. The objective was to ensure any visitors to Scottrade website gain utmost value from the analysis and are equipped to make an informed decision whether or not to do business with Scottrade.

“Scottrade is a discount online broker known for its impeccable customer services coupled with low fees. This Scottrade review points out the features of the broker, the strong points and the key aspects that make it stand out from the rest. Scottrade has a quick website taking the least time possible for opening an account, be it an Individual or a Joint Brokerage Account. At the same time, you can opt for a Business or a Trust Account if you want to trade with Scottrade. This online broker also offers a wealth of different retirement accounts, from Simple IRA accounts and Roth accounts to SEP and Rollovers,” commented a reviewer with Stock Pick Review.

One of the advantages of Scottrade is that this online broker is not limited exclusively to US stocks. In other words, one has the opportunity to trade international stocks from more than 20 different countries. A trader can also work with options, mutual funds, bonds as well as ETFs. Speaking of mutual funds, Scottrade is very popular for its extensive collection that exceeds 15,000 funds. Despite the fact that the Scottrade app does come in handy for traders who travel a lot, many users claim that the application is slightly outdated. It needs to be refreshed, especially since all the sub-menus are difficult to navigate. Other than that, this broker is a great choice!

Stock Pick Reviews has published a substantial number of reviews of banks and online brokers, providing the investors a one-stop platform where they can instantly find the relevant feedback. Access to such data does help a lot in taking sound financial decisions. Assisted by Stock Pick Reviews, the traders are able to act in a manner that is likely to be profitable.

Reviewers with the company provide the people with detailed information. They plunge deep and brief the people talking to the point. Banks and brokers are rated against variables such as convenience, customer service, fee and value creation. Even the visitors can rate financial organizations, providing others with a different perspective. Traders can go through Scottrade review to find about the features in detail and arrive on a decision.

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