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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- Stock Pick Reviews, the leading website that reviews and rates highly reputed companies, products and services related to the stock market and trading sector, publishes honest and in-depth reviews of stock market brokers and banks. The reviews are ideally suited for all those investors who like to make informed decisions related to their stock market activities and investments. Recently the company has published a comprehensive and an honest review of SureTrader, the renowned broker dealer that serves the global market.

A senior executive of the company stated, “We understand that the financial market is always fluctuation and there is a level of uncertainty in the minds of investors while selecting the best trading platform or online broker. We help such investors make a well informed decision by publishing our comprehensive reviews about each platform. Unlike other rating agencies, we don’t just have a team of experts who rate these services, but we allow our users and users of the trading platforms to rate each service that they have used according to what they feel about it. This makes our rating system highly comprehensive as it is based upon our company’s community and not on who pays the most”.

Recently the company has published a review of SureTrader, a highly popular broker dealer and has found out that the platform is ideal for all those who want to test it first before investing large amounts of their hard earned money. Since SureTrader allows its users to open an account for as little as $500, individuals don’t have to worry much about their savings. Moreover, the company doesn’t have a PDT trading restriction like the US and has excellent opportunities for short stocks.

“Although there are many positives with SureTrader, the only drawback that we found while doing the review was that it is quite hard for new investors to open an account with SureTrader as the brokerage isn’t based in the United Sates. However, we still believe that the long wait that an investor might have to face while opening an account with SureTrader is worth it because the platform is great for new traders who want to first gain some knowledge about the market before pumping in large amounts of their hard earned money. I believe that this review will help investors make highly informed decisions regarding the use of their money,”,further added the executive.

The entire team of the company is completely dedicated to help investors make informed decisions. The company has a set of guidelines which are used by their experts to provide a comprehensive rating of trading platforms and online broker firms, and these ratings are further enhanced by the intervention of the community. Investors can visit the website of Stock Pick Reviews to read complete SureTrader Review.

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Stock Pick Reviews is a highly renowned and reputable company that provides an unbiased review of some of the leading agencies, online brokers, software and tools that are required by investors. The company has a comprehensive rating platform where their community members also participate to help investors make well informed decisions regarding their investments. Anyone interested in reading reviews of discount broker TradeKing, can visit the website of Stock Pick Reviews.

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