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Stock Pick Reviews Rating the Best Online Brokers

One of the best ways to find out which brokers are rated the best by customers and by an unbiased neutral party is to check out the ratings on Stock Pick Reviews.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- The philosophy for Stock Pick Reviews is pretty simple – they intend to supply as much good financial information as possible on financial institutions, brokers, banks, books, software and websites as they can. The information and ratings they provide are relative to categories that matter to users of the service, categories like customer service and fees. As the site management puts it:

“Stock Pick Reviews provides impartial and accurate advice on the latest Stock Pick Services, Newsletters, Options/Forex Trading Robots and Systems, as well as testimonials from users like you, so you can decide which product is the best investment for your money,” commented a senior reviewer with the platform.

One of the most highly rated brokers on Stock Pick Reviews website is a company called LiteForex, which earns high marks for all four of the factors rated, including an 87% score on the customer service rating. All four of the rated factors, in fact, come out above 85% in the Editor’s Review, while the User Rating is not yet available.

“LiteForex offers revolutionary trading technology for beginner traders and lets you start trading in the Forex market depositing just a dollar! Your deposit appears in US cents on the Lite group accounts, so you feel like you are trading the same amount in US Dollars. This new technology allows Forex beginners to learn Forex in a REAL life situation with minimal investment!” stated the reviewer.

Brokers are added to the list of reviewed sites all the time, but only after Stock Pick Reviews has had a chance to closely review each of the factors involved in the rating system and has bestowed a fair rating on the institution. The same holds true for user ratings – some of the reviewed brokers do not have user ratings attached and in those cases it is usually because the user ratings are still being compiled and evaluated. Stock Pick Reviews is careful not to put up undocumented reviews from users on its website, because that would be unfair to the reviewed company, and it would also damage the SPR reputation for being thorough and fair. They advise readers about the best online brokers for stock trading.

About Stock Pick Reviews
Stock Pick Reviews is an independent authority that examines several of the most useful factors of information about a broker, like fees, customer service, tools and value. Not only does the website rate each of these categories after thorough reviews, but they accept documented feedback from clients who have dealt with each of these brokers and compile those ratings as well.

By maintaining a fair and balanced perspective on each of the reviewed brokers, Stock Pick Reviews has become one of the best online stock trading reviews agencies anywhere on the internet, and their ratings carry considerable weight among financial experts.