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Stockmile Launched a Reliable and Affordable Source of Royalty Free Images for Bloggers, Online Writers and Publishers


Mainz-Kostheim, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2015 -- Stockmile is offering high quality stock images to online users to help them make their work easier. The site is making it easy for the above mentioned online users to get affordable images and photos which they can modify to suit their needs. The service has been met with a lot of enthusiasm especially for the publishers and online users who have been looking for royalty free images to help in enhancing their online work. "We feel very passionate about our service and we know it expertly meets the needs of people in many different industries," said the company representative while explaining how their services have been received in the market.

Online users who would like to use vector graphics, royalty free photos for illustration purposes find it hard to get what they want, most of the images online are either copyrighted or require that those who need to use them in their own work have to pay handsomely. This has really disadvantaged users especially start ups or those who are not planning to use the images and photos for non commercial purposes. With the presence of Stockmile this is a problem which has been solved as the users can now access free photography at an affordable rate further contributing to the growth of their online work.

"We are happy to assist the publishers , online writers and marketers in enhancing their work, we are providing them with a variety of free photography , quality vector images and so many other royalty free images, we felt that the market was lacking this kind of vital service , we are happy to provide it. Individual downloads, prepaid credits, subscription plans and completely free downloads are all available to best service our customer's needs," said the company representative while articulating how Stockmile will help the online users bridge the gap.

Those who have used Stockmile services are full of praises for the free photography and other vital services the website has been providing. The site has been indentified by several users as an image source for websites, posts, blogs, social media pages, promotional materials of all kinds, ads, print magazines, work presentations, and for both print and Kindle book covers.

One of the site enthusiastic users John, a blogger from Illinois, could not hide his joy for the services he has received from Stockmile, he reveals that the website has helped him cut down the amount he spends on images and photos and above all what he gets from the site is of high quality. He rates the site as a five star and goes ahead to recommend it to anyone out there looking for quality and affordable images and photos to use in their business.

"The site is a rich database, there are more thirty million stock photos, free photography, illustrations and vector images which can be accessed anytime of the day," added the company representative while also announcing that the website holds regular scheduled promo actions and discount codes for registered users where there are no credit packages expirations, subscription plans or single downloads.

About Stockmile
Stockmile is a an online source of high quality images, free pictures, vectors and illustrations for all kind of projects.

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