Stockyard Classifieds Pty Ltd Now Facilitates Opportunities for Rewarding Deals Through Horses for Sale Website Advertisement Section


Henley Brook, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- Capitalizing on an award-winning equestrian website that brings equine community together, Stockyard Classifieds Pty Ltd now facilitates opportunities for rewarding deals through horses for sale advertisement section in their website. The classified section has easy to use interface that allows users to manage the uploading of their advertisements and all related photos and description once they have created an account and registered themselves. Besides this, people can send photos and advertisement through email to or post the details of the advertisements along with photos to company’s address.

Stockyard Classifieds also provide Premium Banner (728x90) Advertising that is linked to client’s website and appears on lucrative advertisings lots such as home page, discussion forum page and classifieds page.

Elaborating on this feature, a representative of Stockyard Classifieds Pty Ltd mentions,“Your banner will also be displayed on ALL subpages generated through the associated functionality for our classifieds and discussion forums. We can create your banner and will only rotate a maximum of 4 different banners through our premium banner slots per month. On average Stockyard displays well over 3 million ad impressions (banners) per month! You can also turn your banner advertising on and off at will to meet your business advertising requirements.”

Additionally, there is also a dedicated section titled ‘Discussion Forums’ in the website of Stockyard Classifieds Pty Ltd where equestrian community exchanges information and knowledge about horses.

About Stockyard
The Stockyard internet website is all about the horse and has become the one-stop shop and meeting place for the equine community! An award winning website in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the web. The website a popular platform for horses for sale classified and advertisement and also hosts dedicated discussions forums for horse minded people. Their classified section is highly affordable; advertising in these will cost only $20.00 (UNTIL SOLD). Horses for sale up to $5000 are FREE and people can upload up to 8 photos and a YouTube video! The majority of their advertising categories are FREE.

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