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Stone Center of VA Now Offering Maintenance for Stone Veneers


Manassas, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Stone Center of VA is now offering pre-winter maintenance for stone veneers in Richmond, VA. Cold weather is tough on faux stone, especially in regions like Virginia that have extreme summers and winters. Stone veneers in this type of climate need sealing every year. Sealing requirements vary between manufacturers that use different compounds. It should be noted that the use of certain chemical ice removers can void manufacturers’ warranties.

Silane and siloxane based concrete sealers are ideal for stone veneers. Waterproof sealants that are not designed to adhere to synthetic rock can create further maintenance problems. Without any sealer, the veneer is subject to water damage. Stone Center can help homeowners decide on the best silane or siloxane sealer for their veneers.

Homeowners need to take precautions with their patios as well in preparation for winter. Make sure to store all patio furniture cushions and padding that may suffer water damage in the snow, clean all furniture and grills, and, if possible, put all items in storage or under protective coverings.

When the furniture is out of the way, all patio surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and have sealers applied before extreme weather hits. For concrete surfaces, sweep and then scrub with water and a stiff bristle brush. Scrub natural stone surfaces with mild detergent. Rinse and allow the surface to dry completely to avoid slipping and falling. Stone or pavers patio surfaces can be power washed, while porous materials such as marble and limestone may require special care.

For advice or assistance in winterizing stone veneers in Gainesville, VA this fall, visit Stone Center online or call 804-343-3505.

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