Stone Heart Grille Introduces Dining in the Wilderness


Tropic, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- A new restaurant, Stone Heart Grille, recently announced the opening of its doors to vacationist and hikers in the Canyon National Parks. This is good news to those who are spending time in this wonderful place. Aside from enjoying the views and experiencing nature outdoors, they can also enjoy great-tasting cuisine during meal times.

It is really very difficult to find a good restaurant in the midst of the wilderness. Yet, this is what Stone Heart Grille offers to avid tourists, hikers and lovers of nature. They can enjoy the wilderness experience, and enjoy high class cuisine at the same time. That means people will never need to limit themselves to canned and preserved foods just to enjoy living out in the open.

Some of the great foods that this canyon restaurant offers are:

- Breakfast Menu consisting of starters (can be gluten free), berry parfait (delicious blend of berries, vanilla yogurt and homemade granola), baked peaches (sliced peaches on an oatmeal crust topped with cream), and steel-cut oatmeal (served with demerara sugar, raisins and berries).
- Dinner Menu available in several options including fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon with Blackberry Reduction Sauce, Sautéed Tiger prawns in pineapple Habanera sauce served over tropical rice, natural hormone fresh food, and many more.

By: Samuel Osbourn

About Stone Hearth Grille
Stone Hearth Grille is located adjacent to Bryce Canyon in Utah. Their official website is at This restaurant is operated by the owners of Stone Canyon Inn. This restaurant not only offers breakfast and dinner, but quality dining experience, good attentive service and affordable price. Their unique, wilderness setting combined with the exquisite taste of their food make their customers come back for more.

Contact Details:
Samuel L. Osbourn
1380 West Stone Canyon Lane
PO Box 156, Tropic Utah 84776

Phone: 480.632.9603