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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- A person’s home is their sanctuary a place where they spend time with the loved ones, it is not merely a house made of bricks and mortar, a home is made with memories and the people who live there but in today’s uncertain economic times people are having to face losing their homes to unfortunate circumstances such as foreclosures and evictions after foreclosure. It is stressful enough to lose a home but the added stress of moving out quickly and looking for a new place can prove to be a bit too much to handle and for many it can be their worst nightmare scenario, but fortunately there are some things they can do to delay the eviction. 866Eviction is an eviction defense company which assists all renter and previous property owners gain more time during eviction after foreclosure.

There are certain technicalities and details every homeowner or renter should be aware of, specially foreclosures and evictions. Every state in United States has its own set of rules and regulation to be followed. Property owners and renters in the state of California can go to the 866eviction website: to learn more about Foreclosure and California foreclosure eviction.

Residents of California can also contact 866Eviction to help them delay eviction after foreclosure It is also important that people know that after a foreclosure sale they do not have to move out right away, they do not have to take the cash for keys the Realtor is offering and they can stay in the house and not have to move for awhile. This has a lot of advantages for the property owners and renters because they can use this extra time to find a more comfortable affordable place to live, furthermore, if they have animals they can take the extra time to make sure the new place is pet friendly so their pets can come with them to the new property. Additionally, they get the chance to save money every month because they do not have to pay a mortgage payment or rent payment.

866Eviction also has something for people who think they had to face a wrongful foreclosure, 866Evistion offers separate programs for wrongful foreclosure which allows the property owners to sue their bank for wrongful foreclosure and they also have the possibility of getting their house back in their name or receiving a cash settlement to drop the lawsuit. 866Eviction is determined to let homeowners in California know their rights and options if their house gets sold. Fortunately they have a lot of options and can gain time in the home. 866Eviction effective services has allowed some of their previous customers to stay in the property in excess of over a year and a half.

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