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Stop Emotional Eating with Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, NLP & EFT Online Course

Award-Winning Hypnotherapist Launches New Course To Help Emotional Eaters During Covid Lockdowns


Windsor, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2021 -- Award-winning hypnotherapist Mark Stubbles is pleased to announce his latest online course, Stop Binge or Emotional Eating with Hypnosis, NLP & EFT. Emotional and binge eating is a problem many people are suffering with right now, many people are bored at home and experiencing all kinds of negative emotions due to the pandemic. One of the most effective ways to overcome emotional issues, negative habits and coping strategies such as emotional eating is hypnotherapy.

Mark Stubbles has developed this course to help people understand what causes emotional eating and show it can be overcome with EFT, NLP, Mindfulness, CBT and Hypnosis. People who take this course will learn effective strategies to take control of their habits, cope with emotions, stop eating when bored, lonely, anxious, angry or depressed. Many people use food as a way to feel safe, with the current pandemic many are turning to food as a means to alleviate boredom and loneliness.

Included with the course are several MP3 downloads such as the chakra and mindfulness meditations, inner child healing, visualize success, overcome trauma and stop binge eating hypnosis.

Many clients who have undergone hypnosis from Mark have nothing but great reviews for how his sessions have helped them overcome their issues. Most clients noticed the difference after just 1 session. Mark Stubbles says that because of the powerful techniques taught on this course many people will experience higher levels of emotional intelligence, increased self-esteem, they may feel more confident, their clothes may fit them better, they may become healthier, have more energy and vitality.

The course is offered via Udemy which means it includes lifetime access and a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. More information can be found at the following link,

Professional Mind Changer is a hypnotherapy clinic started by Mark Stubbles, an award winning clinical hypnotherapist, mindfulness practitioner and master NLP. Mark was recently awarded a professional achievement award and was announced the best hypnotherapist in Windsor, Berkshire.


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