Company Blows the Lid off Illegal Foreclosure Attempt in Colorado

George Ruff was facing foreclosure by Citi Mortgage. However, Paladin showed that Citi Mortgage had no standing to foreclose on the property.


Littleton, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2013 -- George Ruff of Littleton, CO almost had his home foreclosed by Citi Mortgage. However, Paladin Securitization Auditors helped show that Citi Mortgage had no standing to foreclose on the property and had in fact attempted to do so illegally.

George Ruff of Littleton, CO decided to take a stand and fight his foreclosure proceedings in court against Citi Mortgage. He thought he was on the right track when the judge ordered that his foreclosure sale be cancelled until the court proceedings were completed. Unfortunately for Ruff, his case was dismissed based on lack of evidence and Citi Mortgage wasted no time in resuming their foreclosure sale proceedings.

However, Ruff had no idea the foreclosure sale date had been set, as he was never properly noticed. The result was a nightmare for Ruff and his family. A spokesperson for Paladin stated:

“Mr. Ruff was severely harassed by potential buyers acting as if the home had already been sold. He was forced to move his severely handicapped son out of his own room because of potential buyers standing in his yard and peering into his son’s windows. “

At this point, Paladin Securitization Auditors was to provide a securitization audit for Mr. Ruff. Paladin’s auditors were able to determine, via a preliminary mortgage and foreclosure audit, that Citi Mortgage had neglected to serve notice to the homeowner that they had once again set a trustee sale date, which is required by law. These defects in the foreclosure were sent to the trustee/foreclosure attorney immediately to review and discuss. After hours and hours of discussion the trustee/foreclosure attorney for City Mortgage folded their cards and pulled the sale.

Ruff is now proceeding with the evidence supplied by Paladin for litigation and with the added issues pertaining to defects of the chain of title will be motioning for full quiet title action. The case is currently being reviewed in Federal Court.

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