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Stop Paying Rent: Motivational New Book Helps Home Buyers Lock the Door on Myths & Misinformation.

Taking readers through a step-by-step and highly-interactive process, Eldon Gabriel’s powerful new workbook empowers anyone to purchase their dream home and secure a solid and long-lasting investment. With such pertinence to the current real estate climate, ‘Stop Paying Rent: The Handy Home Buyers Guide’ will resonate with readers from coast to coast.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- With real estate markets around the world struggling as of late, millions of buyers have endured an overwhelming and frustrating flood of myths, misinformation and conflicting strategies. In an effort to set the record straight and help any buyer grab the keys to their dream home, one Canadian real estate professional has released what could be the most valuable and honest book of a generation.

Eldon Gabriel’s ‘Stop Paying Rent: The Handy Home Buyers Guide’ will produce amazing results for buyers across North America.


Stop Paying Rent is a step-by-step interactive, motivational and strategic workbook designed to help you debunk myths and misinformation around the home buying process.

Within each chapter you will learn everything from establishing credit to working with the right professionals and everything in between, but not without getting you to develop the "Right mindset of a home buyer" giving you the tools to help you on your journey towards home ownership while saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

As the author explains, he is diligently working to help those who have been forced to rent get on the property ladder of profitable home ownership.

“I want to help everyone who is currently renting and stuck in this cycle to provide them with the knowledge and a step by step plan to help them buy a home of their own and give them the pride of ownership that they can pass on to many generations to come,” says Gabriel.

He continues, “It’s a myth that renting is cheaper. It means you’re already paying a mortgage – your landlord’s! I’ll teach anyone how to start paying themselves by owning a home that they can truly be proud of.”

In fact, Gabriel hopes to mimic the success of his own family.

“My parents tell a tale of coming to Canada in the 1970's with less than $20 in their pocket looking for a better life in Toronto. In 1980, they managed to buy a home in a Toronto Suburb for $60,000 paying a mortgage of $900 a month which they eventually rented out for $1,300 a month and bought another home with the equity within their first home. They broke the renting cycle, even though they didn’t think they could. I’m now on a laser-targeted mission to help others do the same,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to pre-order their copies as soon as possible.

‘Stop Paying Rent: The Handy Home Buyers Guide’ is set to be released by fall 2013. For more information, visit the author’s official Website: http://www.24hrtorontorealestate.com

About Eldon Gabriel
Eldon Gabriel is an author, a professional Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., a Mortgage Agent and a Real Estate Investor who has bought and sold properties privately in Canada & USA for over 9 years.
Eldon's areas of expertise include the Durham and Peel region as well as the Greater Toronto Area and his vast knowledge of the ongoing development in these communities is why he comes highly recommended from his clients.
Eldon specializes in first time home buyers as well investors and is dedicated to producing the best results for his clients making him the perfect choice to be your advisor.