Official Launch of New Anti Scam/Anti Internet Fraud Site


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2012 -- The Internet Crime Complaint Center reported over 300,000 complaints totaling an unbelievable $485.3 million in 2011. Stop Scams provides cutting-edge defense against internet scammers.

Stop Scams is an innovative new website dedicated to preventing the devastating consequences of online scams and fraud. The Stop Scams website utilizes Patent Pending technology to provide consumers with the ability to detect internet fraud and scam attempts on their own, BEFORE they occur, without the need to engage expensive and unreliable third parties.

Tim Bass, developer, founder and CEO of Stop Scams, offers consumers over 20 years of expertise, knowledge and practical utilization in the high-tech field of Information Security. His extensive experience in Penetration Testing, Investigations, Consulting and Architecture is an invaluable resource that few other online security experts can offer consumers concerned about the growing incidence of internet-based identity theft.

Stop Scams is incredibly easy to use because it provides groundbreaking automated scripts and tools to provide anyone with the ability to quickly, accurately research, and verify source and background information so that fraud and scams can be predicted and detected effortlessly.

Stop Scams Consumer Search provides consumers with additional functionality including:
Multi-Engine Search
Host and Email Source Geo Location
Business Ownership
Who Is Search for Website Checking
Business Search

The Stop Scams consumer website provides the means for anyone to detect fraud and to verify if that person or deal is legitimate or not. "We have automated tools used within the information security industry so that anyone can use them safely and easily in the fight against frauds and scams. Unlike existing sites that charge exorbitant fees to provide a result, we provide automated tools so that anyone can make an informed decision for themselves without huge costs," Tim Bass assures consumers. The service costs just $5AUD for one hour or $30AUD for one-month access. There are no hidden costs and no additional fees.

For more information on Stop Scams services or website, please visit or contact Tim Bass:
Phone number: +61 414 574 016
Email Address: