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Stop Snoring Consumer Reports Undergoes a Redesign Offering Advice to Prevent Snoring

Stop Snoring Consumer Reports undergone a website redesign and has created a comprehensive guide to prevent and cure snoring for the millions of afflicted after years of research and product reviews.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Snoring affects millions of individuals throughout America and in some, chronic snoring can disrupt sleep and leave individuals exhausted, or even leave them at risk of serious health complications. Stop Snoring Consumer Reports has spent years reviewing products designed to deal with snoring problems to give insightful and independent advice in order to help consumers make the right buying choices. Now, they have use the years of experience and wealth of information to create a comprehensive guide to assessing and dealing with snoring according to a wide range of causative and exacerbating factors. The guide coincides with a comprehensive redesign of the websites content.

The guide gives a comprehensive break down of snoring statistics for the US, together with detailed information on the various causes of snoring and how each must be dealt with in a unique manner. As well as providing information on related health issues and obstructive sleep apnea, the site helps individuals look at how they might bring their snoring under control.

From their extensive product reviews, they have collated the very best products available for dealing with different forms of snoring, which are surprisingly novel and varied. With everything from nasal dilation sprays to snoring belts that keep individuals on their side in the night. Exercises and positive airway pressure machines can also be very effective according to the websites editor Jeff Graham.

A spokesperson for Stop Snoring Consumer Reports explained, “Despite the fact that the result is incredibly similar, the root cause of snoring can in fact be incredibly varied, and understanding these variations and which one causes an individual case defines how that case should be treated effectively. By providing this information and drawing the links between causes and solutions, the site enables individuals to buy right first time, instead of trying the many different remedies at random until one proves successful. We are positive the site redesign will help those affected by snoring to identify the cause of their snoring and the remedy very quickly.”

About Stop Snoring Consumer Reports
Stop Snoring Consumer Reports is run by editor Jeff Graham. Jeff Graham attended the University Of Nebraska Omaha, and currently lives in Miami Florida. He is a full time educator and is an expert on the subjects of snoring and sleep apnea. After having battled with Obstructive Sleep Apnea for most of his adult life, he decided to make it his personal mission to educate others about how they too can find relief. For more information please visit: