Joe Bragg Shows That It Is Possible to Delay a Foreclosure


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2013 -- Foreclosures are an unfortunately reality of today’s economic climate. Every day, homeowners across the United States are being kicked out of their homes by banks that have foreclosed upon the property.

After homeowners miss just a single mortgage payment, banks in most states are legally allowed to begin the foreclosure process in order to take ownership of the home in preparation for a sale. However, most banks choose to foreclose on a property only after the homeowner misses two or three mortgage payments in a row.

During this time period, some homeowners may lose all hope of reclaiming their home. Fortunately, one website is on a mission to prove that reversing a foreclosure is, in fact, possible. At, visitors will learn exactly what it takes to reverse a foreclosure and prevent a bank from kicking someone out of their home.

A spokesperson for explains the process the website uses to delay foreclosure and protect homeowners:

“Our website offers eviction delay services that help homeowners stay in their homes for a longer period of time when facing foreclosure. Some clients are no longer able to afford their mortgage due to a poor job market, while others have recently seen a short sale fall through. Unfortunately, these problems affect hardworking Americans across the country, but we offer a convenient solution.”

At, visitors will learn that by calling 505-608-6008, anybody can stop the bank from taking the home for several months. The website explains that the process is 100% legal in all 50 states, making it a valid option for homeowners throughout the country.

The website features detailed information about the different packages and programs offered to homeowners. One recent special allows homeowners to delay foreclosure by 5 to 6 months at a discount price of $1,250. All foreclosure delay packages come with a risk-free guarantee. Specifically, will not charge clients any fees until the sale has been successfully delayed.

Along with preventing the immediate foreclosure of homes across America, aims to be an informational resource for homeowners who are currently facing foreclosure. The homepage of the site features a list of the top 10 things homeowners should do when facing foreclosure. That list includes:

- See if you qualify for special foreclosure help
- Delay the foreclosure
- Don’t abandon the house

With the help of and its financial specialists, the company aims to help homeowners get back on their feet and prevent banks from taking someone’s most prized possession.

About is a foreclosure delay service that allows homeowners to delay foreclosure for months. Website visitors can call 505-608-6008 to talk with a foreclosure specialist who can prevent banks from taking away someone’s home. For more information, please visit: