Seo Gladiator Launches, Revolutionizing Rules of Used Electronics Trading

A Bad Experience Led Two Brothers and a Friend to Create a New, Better Way to Sell Electronics


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2015 --, a new site for selling and trading used electronics for cash, launched last week, effectively revolutionizing the rules of the used electronics business. introduces a unique, proprietary "select-ship-and pay system" that will ensure that users are secure and fairly compensated in a timely manner. A free shipping label facilitates the sales process. The site is intended for individuals who want to sell used electronic gadgets, such as smartphones, MacBooks, tablets, and so forth.

Stopoint is the brainchild of twin brothers from Miami - one a computer engineer, and the other, a graduate student at Oxford University. "At a young age, we had an ambitious goal, which was to establish something that will paint a smile on peoples' faces while being environmentally friendly," said Steeve Simbert, Co-Founder. "After trying several concepts, it all came together when a friend called to explain an awful experience he had while trying to sell his used iPhone 5. After being unable to find a company willing to pay fair price of his device under a week, he tried Craigslist and almost became a victim of a theft attempt. That awful experience instantly gave birth to the idea of We realized there was a better way to do it." operates under three golden rules, which the Simberts have nicknamed "The Stopoint Ways." Under The Stopoint Ways:

1. All customers should be compensated fairly.

2. All customers should be paid within 24 hours on PayPal or receive a check within 3 business days.

3. Every device that enters Stopoint facilities should go through the most robust and effective processes to ensure all customer data are protected to the highest possible standard, and wipe out.

Sellers on Stopoint are to select the specific gadget that they want to sell from a tool on the site. Then, an offer is made instantly with the site's robust, competitive price system, to make sure the seller gets the most for the item. Once the product has been shipped out, payments are processed promptly. The site is designed with user security in mind. All devices sold are factory-reset to wipe any user data from them before being shipped.

The company's executive team brings distinct qualifications to the work of starting and running a new kind of online platform for selling used electronics. A candidate for a masters degree from Oxford, Steeve Simbert has worked for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, US Senate (Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid), US House of Representatives (Congressman Alcee L. Hasting) and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Overseas. He also sits on the board of many prominent national and international organizations. Ally Simbert, the more subdued of the two, has been known as a computer genius since he was 6 years old. At 8, Ally broke apart his father's computer, and put it back together in a couple of hours. Ally holds a master degree in Computer Engineering from Florida International University. The Simberts are joined by Marc Estinville, who previously worked for a successful ecommerce startup.

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