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Stopping Rebound Weight Gain


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2013 -- A person who has lost weight through any method, be it surgery, diet, or a general change in lifestyle, fears regaining what they’ve worked so hard to lose. To help prevent this, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has conducted research showing that a diet high in protein and meal replacements can inhibit rebound weight gain.

For the research, scientists looked at over 20 different studies of participants who were obese at the start of their journeys. Comparing the effects of weight-loss drugs, high protein diets, supplements and exercise, they found that those who maintained a diet high in protein continued the use of anti-obesity medications or used meal replacement powders successfully maintained their weight loss when compared to the other methods.

While anti-obesity medications must be prescribed by a physician, meal replacement powders and foods rich in protein are available to everyone, making them the safest and most effective solution to the rebound weight gain problem.

One surprising fact about the study was that continued exercise had no clear effect on whether or not the weight loss was permanent or rebound weight gain occurred. This reason might be that several studies had included sick patients who had engaged in special physical therapy treatments and the others included participants who exercised regularly making the change in diet the deciding factor in overall weight loss.

Physicians say continued support after successful weight loss is also important. “The body has several defense mechanisms against weight loss, such as increased hunger, low energy metabolism and relapse back into old habits,” said team member Dr. Erik Hemmingsson. For this reason, patients should keep in contact with their physicians or other social support systems that helped them achieve their weight goals to begin with. Not only will this keep them at a healthy weight, it’s also important for mental and social well-being.

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