Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration Advice from RainTight General Contracting in Dallas

When bad weather strikes, quite often more than just your roof get damaged. RainTight General Contracting LLC specializes in total storm damage restoration.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2012 -- Storm damage restoration tips and repair cost advice for a home owners' roof after a storm: Dallas TX's leading RainTight General Contracting services today announced that even though September is traditionally back-to-school month, it's also the month to ensure that roofs are storm proof.

"As the month that ushers in the storm period, home owners and business owners need to ensure their roofs are ready to withstand any of the named upcoming storms," says the site's owner, Miller Weedn.

"Storms can severely damage roofs, and after a storm has completely passed, you should immediately have your roof checked by a general contractor who specializes in storm damage repair to roofing to ascertain the extent of the damages. If you do not have your roof inspected then you might be setting yourself up to suffer a great loss, not just for roof repairs but also for replacement of damaged valuable furniture and home furnishings," explains Miller.

Among the list of emergency numbers to call after a storm has passed should be that of someone skilled in storm damage repairs that can get to work immediately after a storm.

"If not," says Miller, "then you need to check with Dallas, Texas leading storm damage repair specialist, RainTight General Contracting, for assistance in finding a professional to do your storm damage repairs.

"Professional roof repair is necessary so that you can prevent further damage when the next storm hits," he adds. Claiming that proper storm damage repair to the roof is also necessary to ensure one's home's integrity and ensure that one's family has adequate protection against the elements; Miller says emergency storm damage repair to roof is a necessary investment.

If there is going to be a gap in time following the storm and when the general contacting company can do the storm damage repairs, then home owners need to take care of the most important things first.

"To protect your roof, attic, walls and inner contents of your home or business you might need to do some emergency storm damage repairs yourself. However, if you cannot do the repairs, then ask a family member, friend or perhaps a neighbor to help you," advises Miller.

However, the quickest way for home owners to protect their homes after a storm is to spread a tarp or water-proof canvass over the damaged areas of the roof. "It is better to use the protective covering over your roof rather than under the roof and inside your house since doing the latter will lead to water collecting and leaking inside your home," says Miller, noting that persons should endeavor to keep the water outside, not collect it on the inside.

After the home owner has secured his or her home and temporarily fixed their storm damaged roof, according to Miller, the best the home owner can do is to call an expert contractor to proceed with permanent roof storm damage repair. He adds that an expert can perform the proper repairs and thereby help you properly repair the damage the storm inflicted on your roof.

For more information, contact Miller Weedn, owner of Raintight General Contracting in Dallas TX. RainTight are experts in storm damage restoration services. Learn more at or call 214-693-6196. See a live testimonial of RainTight storm damage repairs on YouTube: