StormFitters Provides Impact Rated Window Replacements at Affordable Price

StormFitters the highly renowned provider of a wide range of storm abatement products is now offering highly durable impact rated windows with Low E glass at an affordable price.


St. Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- StormFitters the highly renowned and reputed provider of a wide range of storm abatement products is offering highly durable and strong impact rated window replacements at the most reasonable prices. The Tampa, Florida-based company understands the severe weather conditions in the Florida area and hence offers its storm abatement products for property owners who understand the true value of their properties and want to protect them from any weather damage.

A senior executive of the company stated that, “Researchers claim that most of the damage and the injuries that follow a storm are not because of the high wind but because of the debris that flies at high speeds breaking standard glass windows and causing a lot of damage and injuries. One of the best ways to prepare and protect your property from such damage is to install impact rated windows which can easily handle the impact of large pieces of debris. The impact rated windows that we supply cannot be broken by normal means and hence serve as a unbreakable layer of protection that stands between you and the storm”.

The company is into the storm abatement industry for more than three decades and has successfully completed more than 15,000 projects during this time. StormFitters understands the unpredictability of the weather of Florida and hence advise all the residents to install high quality storm abatement products such as fiber panels and rolling shutter doors and windows to protect their homes and office spaces from debris and water intrusion. One of the most popular products sold and installed by the company is their impact rated windows which not only protect the interior space during a storm but also help save a considerable amount of energy.

“The impact rated and resistant window replacements that we offer make use of the high quality Low E glass which not only stands strong during an impact but also helps reduce the energy consumption owing to its great insulation properties. These Low E glass windows reflect sunlight during the summers and hence keep the interior space cool which reduces the amount of energy the HVAC or AC unit consumes. During winters the glass doesn’t allow the interior heat to escape into the surroundings and hence your heating system doesn’t consume a lot of energy to keep the interior space warm and cozy”, further added the executive.

StormFitters offers a wide range of high quality windows and door replacements and updates that help homeowners and owners of commercial spaces protect their properties from storm damage. As an added benefit the owners of such properties can increase the value of their spaces by installing high quality storm abatement products. To know more about the services offered by the company, such as window replacement in Tampa FL, visit

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StormFitters is a leading company in Florida that offers a comprehensive range of high quality storm abatement products such as shutter doors, fiber panels and impact rated windows at the most affordable prices. With over 30 years of experience in the industry the company has a long list of highly satisfied customers who are prepared to take on any storm with a complete peace of mind. To know more about the hurricane windows by StormFitters, visit

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