An Inspiring Box Full of Ordinary Things to Create Something Extraordinary

Kickstarter’s new campaign, StoryBox, is something to look out for that is going to appeal to everyone from creative minds to people who just need a break from their routine life, to get inspired and motivated.


West Monroe, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- StoryBox, a super unique and creative project, is a campaign that has been published on KickStarter that is essentially a monthly subscription service to inspire the artist that lies within everyone. As the name suggests, StoryBox is a box full of five-eight items to inspire the subscriber and encourage him/her to create a story around those few things in any artistic form. To keep the mind and heart contented, it is important to challenge one’s self to indulge in something creative from time to time. StoryBox does exactly that to help one get a break from their full-time jobs, and is also, a great source to help artists push themselves further creatively. The box will be mailed to the subscriber every month and all he/she has to do is get inspired and create a piece of art that needs to be uploaded in the form of a photo or video on the StoryBox website.

The main highlights of KickStarter’s new campaign, StoryBox, includes:
- A box full of things to inspire monthly subscribers
- Helps to challenge oneself to get motivated
- Incitement to create an art piece in any form
- Subscription can be gifted to a friend or even one’s kid
- The box will be shipped every month straight to one’s doorstep

The best part about StoryBox is that it does not come with any rules or guidelines. The items available in the box such as small toys, yummy treats, postcards, music, quote, story or a poem will aid in inspiring the subscriber to create an artwork. The artwork can be anything from a poem to a painting to a short family, anything that springs out of the creative mind of the subscriber.

To turn this unique project into reality, they need the support and funding from people that will be smartly and efficiently used to create boxes and will also help with the shipping. The most important is to create a huge website and forum with enough capacity to take the load. StoryBox will organize an online art exhibit and an art show in Monroe, Louisiana, by the end of 2014 that will feature the best creative submissions of the year.

With every pledge that StoryBox will receive, it will encourage Jen Brister, the owner of this innovative and creative project, to work harder to bring life to StoryBox. The main aim is to establish an online community where people can share ideas, projects, and inspiration with other artists.

Media Contact:
Name: Rosa J. Durham
Telephone: 503-450-5752