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Straddle Carrier Market - Major Opportunity Is the Increasing Automation and IoT Penetration in Fleet Management Systems Is Increase the Demand


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2019 --

Some of the major firms in the straddle carrier market are Combilift (Ireland), Kalmar (Finland), Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. (Ireland), Konecranes (Finland), Kress Corporation (the U.S.), CVS Ferrari SrL (Italy), Mobicon Systems (Australia) and Isoloader Australia Pty Ltd (Australia).

A straddle carrier or straddle truck is a vehicle that carries its load underneath unlike conventional carriers which carry their load on top.The driver’s cabin is situated on top and all-round glass is glazed so that the driver can get a 360-degree view. It has stairways for the driver to move inside and descend from the cabin. Straddle carriers have eight wheels that can be individually steered. The wheel-hub motor is present in four wheels which can be driven. The wheels are steered by rods and steering cylinder. The main function of straddle carriers is to carry bulky, long, oversized loads and container vessels.

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Straddle carriers are mainly used for handling cargo at the terminals and to transport container vessels horizontally from one point to another in a terminal. The terminal may be connected by a railway network. Straddle carriers help to bring the container vessels to the train and help in loading and unloading cargo from the train. Straddle carriers are used in terminals for stacking cuboidal container vessels in groups of three or four. They are also used in loading and unloading trucks. The drivers in straddle carrier are helped in their job by automatic spreader position system (ASPS) and controller area network (CAN) bus control system. Fleet management system software can provide the driver with heath status data and operating data. Hydraulic straddle carriers run on conventional fuel. Electric straddle carriers run on electricity and are environmental friendly. The diesel generator set powers the straddle carriers. Hybrid straddle carriers saves up-to one-fifth of fuel consumed by hydraulic straddle carriers. The drive components of a hybrid straddle carrier are protected as peak power load is not controlled by a diesel generator set. The re-generated energy is stored in short-term electric storage modules (ECOCaps) and is fed into the system when required.

By drive system, the straddle carrier market can be segmented into hydraulic, electric and hybrid. By automation, the market is segmented into manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.

By geography the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. North America is a major global straddle carrier market. The U.S is the dominant market in this region as it is the second largest automotive market in the world. Canada and Mexico are other major markets in this region. Europe is another major straddle carrier market. Germany is a major market in this region as it is the largest automotive market in Europe. The U.K, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands are other major markets in Europe. Asia Pacific is one of the largest straddle carrier market globally. China is the largest market in this region as it is the largest automotive market in the world. Japan, South Korea, Australia and India are other major markets in this region. Middle East & Africa are also significant straddle carrier markets. Turkey, Iran and South Africa are major markets in this region. Latin America is also a major straddle carrier market in the world. Brazil and Argentina are major markets in this region.

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Rising demand for terminals is anticipated to increase the demand for straddle carriers. Sea transport is a cost-effective way of transporting cargo which is anticipated to increase demand for straddle carriers in terminals. A major restraint of the straddle carrier market is the high operation and maintenance cost of straddle carriers. A major opportunity is the increasing automation and Internet of Things (IoT) penetration in fleet management systems which is anticipated to increase the demand for straddle carriers.

The report highlights the various competitive strategies adopted by key players operating in the market to gain market share. Company profiles include company details, market presence by segment and geography, strategic overview, SWOT analysis, and historical revenue.