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Eau Claire, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- StrandVision’s Digital Signage services are an innovative approach to providing communication to potential customers and/or one’s own employees. There are many reasons why digital signage has taken the lead ahead of the significant use of printed media and billboard advertising. Technology has advanced so much that the views of the potential customer and ways to influence his or her buying decision have also changed drastically over a period of time. Now people believe in fast moving visual graphics that catch the attention as well as show the tech savvy side of the company or business.

StrandVision Digital Signage owes its humble start up to a man named Mike Strand back in the year 2003. Initially, Mike had invested and founded Strand Ware, an international company which printed bar codes and used to take care of tracking shipments. Strand Ware was run for over a decade when Mike decided to sell the business and formed StrandVision Digital Signage. The purpose of creating a company such as StrandVision is to not only fulfill the need of the times for digital marketing, exposure of customers and employees to a business in visual and technically effective methods have proven to be an affordable and highly profitable investment in the long run. The existing and potential customers can be reached through effective digital signs offering them a look into the surroundings of the company. Whatever the digital signage portrays is a direct reflection of the working environment. Therefore the use of digital signage is a good way to manage communication with employees as well.

Some of the benefits gauged by the use of digital signage are most prominent in the following areas:

- The signage packages are affordable for all sorts of businesses
- Long term results show greater impact on potential customers to send information
- Communicating with employees becomes hassle free as information is easily reachable
- Digital signage saves lots of time that is otherwise wasted in printing and distribution of ads
- The ads can be easily created in minutes with a simple desktop computer
- Better chances of increased sales reported in those shops who have installed digital signage
- Better promotion of products and/or services with fantastic visuals

StrandVision Digital Signage is a recommended service for any personal or corporate marketing communication because the clients pay for exactly what they want and require, from each customized digital sign.

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