Strategic Approach to Global Human Resources Management & Employee Performance Appraisal

Bear in mind the primary objective of performance appraisal, i.e. To encourage and motivate the employees, not to mark their shortcomings or hurt somebody's feelings.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- There are more or less 400 service lawsuits filed each week, an employer may not be able to control who files a lawsuit against a business, but it's significant to at least prepare enough so as to protect the business. Now a day’s every employer needs to be well prepared to deal with such circumstances and this where hr compliance audit comes into role. The reason behind HR audit is to evaluate the strategies used by the company, review of documents, employment practice issues, reviewing the different human resource policies and practice, review of people involved in various departments and its influence on the overall company's profile.

The underlying reason for performance appraisals is to assist management in effectively staffing organizations for the purpose of improving productivity. When conducted properly, appraisals guide employees in improving their performance, allows managers to assess their employees' performance and take necessary actions in connection with hiring, promotions, demotions, training, compensation, and termination; and the ability to formulate goals set for employees.

Specific types of employee performance appraisal will depend on the approaches used in measuring performance. Three approaches include behavioral, results-oriented, and traits (Aguinis, 2013). Accordingly, performance appraisal program will be geared towards the type of organization and the specific job responsibilities. A behavioral approach concentrates on what the duties of an employee, as opposed to a results approach that emphasizes outcomes, such as revenue generating results. A trait approach is focused on an individual employee virtually ignoring behaviors and results, and emphasizes cognitive and personality traits that remain relatively stable throughout an employee's lifetime.

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