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Streamlined Annuity Straight Talk Website Makes Retirement Funding Even Easier


Whitefish, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Annuity Straight Talk of Whitefish, Montana, in response to a huge increase in interest in annuities, today announced the unveiling of their new website design. The website offers a streamlined decision making process so purchasers can choose a product that meets their needs quickly and easily.

Nathaniel Pulsifer, co-owner of the site, was quoted as saying, "Many people today are looking to insure their nest-egg. They know that it would be great to invest funds but know without a doubt that they are guaranteed a certain appreciation rate and investment performance. Investment managers can't guarantee results like annuities can. So when you purchase an annuity, you know that your risks are reduced".

Explaining further, Pulsifer said, "An annuity is a legal contract between a buyer and an insurance carrier. The purchase premium is revenue to the insurance company, and that becomes investment capital for the company. Warren Buffet's fortune is based on insurance companies! Insurance companies are unique because they can grow premiums tax-deferred and inexchange, they contractually commit to pay certain benefits under thespecific contract. The details of the payment will be covered in the contract which the purchaser initially signs, but the important thing is to know that the insurance carrier guarantees you certain performance.... They take the risk."

When buying an annuity, the purchaser must pay attention to factors such as interest rate components and annuity types. Annuity Straight Talk offers unbiased advice to help buyers navigate retirement planning. Whether the consumer is looking to buy structured settlements, hybrid annuities or annuities of any type, they can find the information needed at this website.

What type of annuity should be chosen? If one is familiar with the concept of annuities, the front page of the website offers a quick glance at the types of annuities offered. This allows the purchaser to determine which he is most interested in and can learn more about that particular product.

For those unfamiliar with annuities, the same home page offers links to the different products. Click on a link and the you will be taken to a page with details about the product. Information will be presented about the advantages and disadvantages of the product being considered.

According to Nathaniel M. Pulsifer,"The new website design makes it easier for people to choose the right retirement funding option. Annuities are increasing in popularity and this website offers unbiased advice on each type currently available. With all information in one central location, making a decision has never been easier."

When visiting the new website, purchasers can learn how to navigate the retirement income planning landscape. An annuity offers a guaranteed retirement income which may be used to supplement other sources or stand completely on its own. The website provides access to structured settlements and secondary market annuities that are not found elsewhere.

Finding the right mixture of investments is essential. This mixture should be flexible, safe and profitable for the best results. Safe money strategies are the specialty of Annuity Straight Talk and the redesigned website makes choosing a product quick and easy.

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Annuity Straight Talk provides independent information about insurance and annuities. Dedicated to finding the right mix of flexibility, safety and profitability in investments to fund retirement, Annuity Straight Talk focuses on safe money strategies through the use of Hybrid annuities and Secondary Market Annuities. They work to ensure purchasers have the funds need to live comfortably once their working days are over.

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer,
Whitefish, Montana