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Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Dr. Igor Ledochowski is a renowned hypnotist and consultant who has vast experience of clinical hypnosis and authored several books on the matter. His latest course is a complete set of books and cds related to the power of street conversational hypnosis. Hypnosis is a field of psychiatry that delves into the minds and thoughts of individuals either consciously or subconsciously. The American Psychological Association has defined hypnosis as 'a cooperative interaction' in which a person does the bidding of the hypnotist. Any person who has attempted to learn about the advent of techniques derived from hypnosis has come across the name of the great Miton H. Erikson who is a pioneer in the field.

Hypnosis is of great importance, not because it is a great act for so called magicians. Rather its power can be grasped in situations where pain and anxiety are involved. It has great medicinal and theraupeutic benefits, especially in calming down people in pain and emotional stress. Hypnosis has been known to be of great help to those suffering from dementia as well. It is a useful tool to alter perceptions and may be used to benefit those suffering from misery and trauma.

Learning hypnosis is not easy and not everyone knows how to go about it. Indeed, in the wrong hands, the use of hypnosis can bring about grave peril to many lives. In Italy, a bank was robbed by a thief who used hypnosis to get cash from the female teller at the counter. With no recalling of pulling out the money, the thief was found to be using conversational hypnosis.

However, using street conversational hypnosis does not in any way have negative impact on people and is a tool to enhance the use of perception altering techniques and skills. such hypnosis is useful for consultants, sales people, entrepreneurs and leaders, even parents who want to discipline their children. Learning from the teachings and unpublished papers of Dr. Erikson, Igor Ledochowski has created a complete course to learn the power of street conversational hypnosis with books, cds and bonus programs.

His course includes learning what can be derived from conversational hypnosis, how to change other people's opinions and influence their decisions without their knowing, how to master the power of connecting with other people's minds, to convert their thought process and many more.

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