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Street Pamphlet: Artist/Inmate-Turned-Inspirational Speaker Releases New Book, Exposing Three Steps to Getting out of 'The Hood' Mentality

Masterfully crafted by Kevin ‘Kevo’ Aregbe, ‘Street Pamphlet’ reaches out to lower class communities in their native vernacular to help anyone escape the hood and embrace a better life. Kevo speaks from both the heart and authority; he grew up without parents, has been shot and served his time in the clink. Now an inspirational speaker and author, Kevo is committed to helping those looking to get out of the hood and replace crime with true success.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- There’s no real way to sugarcoat Kevin ‘Kevo’ Aregbe’s past; he’s been an abandoned child, perpetrator of serious crimes and paid for these decisions behind bars. However, after getting shot and being forced to slow down his pace, Kevo turned his life around dramatically to become a celebrated and in-demand speaker/author/artist. Once seen only through the glass of a prison’s visiting room, Kevo can now be found gracing the attention of national media and speaking to vulnerable youths across the country.

His latest book, ‘Street Pamphlet’, puts Kevo back into the hood – but only in a literary sense as he shares his proven tips and strategies to embracing a fruitful new legal life.

While only small, ‘Street Pamphlet’ can help anyone from lower class communities make big changes to their outlook, life and longevity. The book exposes three simple yet hugely-practical steps to turning life around and getting out of the hood. Everything is written in the style and vernacular of its target audience, from someone who has been there and left with gusto.

“My upbringing made me a classic street or ‘hood’ kid; I was effectively parentless and this led me to aggravated crime. However, after surviving jail and then living through a literal bullet to my body; I began to slow down and see life differently,” explains Kevo. “I began tattooing and founded a hugely-successful body art business. Fox News aired my story nationally and this platform paved the way for two letters I published to the African American community titled ‘The Absence of Color’ and ‘27 Grams’ respectively.”

Continuing, “I have shared with my audiences the motivations that have been key to my success. The amazing thing is that I am not a special case; I just made the decision to escape the hood and seek out a better life. My new book embraces all that it means to grow up in a lower class community and it’s applicable to people of any age, sex or belief. I want people who have become products of harsh environments to better themselves and change their mentalities. Believe me, they too can be successful!”

The book is expected to be in popular demand due to Kevo’s highly-accessible and practical “three-step” format. Therefore, interested parties are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible after launch.

‘Street Pamphlet’ will be available on kindle for only .99, and amazon.com for hard copies. For more information, follow the author on social media.

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About Kevin "Kevo" Aregbe
Kevin "Kevo" Aregbe was born Houston Tx, 1987. A troubled childhood without parents led to a life of crime and brief jail time. After facing an aggravated robbery charge, he was shot and started to slow his life down. He fought the reality of the street life and began tattooing. He became a successful tattoo artist in the South Region of The U.S nation, and began doing speeches and writing audio books. His story also made Fox News and can be viewed via YouTube: (Kevo on Fox News)"From Inmate to Entrepreneur". Kevo has changed his life and has become a valuable inspirational person.