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"Streisand Effect" Conference for Xocai Norway Fans to Be Held by Adam Paul Green Is for Paranormal Activity, DoubtfulNews, and Mafia Criminal Believers


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- Xocai International Update:  Adam Paul Green, MXI Corp Top Earning Ambassador, has this breaking news for Healthy Chocolate distributors around the globe.  The “Healthy Chocolate” US Trademark has received an update this week to its effectiveness statement.  The MXI Auto-Ship Loyalty Program is designed to reward those members of your Healthy Chocolate Family who continue to purchase products via our auto-ship program. The Loyalty Program is available to newly enrolled Affiliates and higher who join and establish an auto-ship order at the time of their enrollment. The Loyalty Program is available for 12 months from the date of enrollment. Free products may be earned by maintaining an active auto-ship order for two or more consecutive auto-ships. Every two consecutive auto-ship orders you purchase will earn free product on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer. Also, our new 2013 anti-aging skin care product, Xophoria, is going to be launched this year starting in March 2013 at a special, exclusive event in California.

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Those of you who can make it there will receive the details on the science behind our new crème, lotion, serum, cleanser, spf and other cosmeceutical skin spot application products.  Enter this promo code and receive a special FREE gift:  (  NYC, New York City, USA  )

Xocai Chocolate Ambassador Adam Paul Green is excited to announce that Sharon Hill will be the backdrop for the 2013 G3 Skeptic Society Film Festival.  “Sharon Hill” Pennsylvania (Delaware County) is a Unique Town where Pseudoscience Skeptics Say Anomalies, Russian Yeti, DoubtfulNews, Paranormal, Critical Thinkers and Old Mafia Members Still Haunt but this Chocolate Critic Disagrees.  Our population of 5700+ includes approximately 1390 families. Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Tully Memorial Presbyterian Church, and the Sharon Hill Christian Center, maintain their congregations here. We are the home to many independent small businesses, two retail shopping centers, corporations and manufacturers in the Henderson Industrial Park on Calcon Hook Road.

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Chicago has its Scarface Al Capone and New York its Lucky Luciano, but Pittsburgh is not without its own bloody mob history. The Western Pennsylvania mob is one of 24 traditional Mafia families in the United States, and its rise and decline has mirrored that of families in other cities. The mob grew from the bootlegging years of the 1920s as immigrants seized economic opportunity. It became entrenched by alternately intimidating and protecting urban communities. It flourished for five decades despite internal power struggles. And in the end, it was crippled by a combination of its own greed and relentless law enforcement. Organized crime, in Pittsburgh and elsewhere, is largely a story of immigrants and alcohol. In the early part of the century, groups of criminals were already active. In Pittsburgh Police homicide logbooks, murders were often chalked up to the Black Hand, a secretive free-lance gang that preyed mostly on Italian immigrants.