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Diet Doc Utilizes the Most Current Nutritional Science, Coupled with the Most Modern Medical Understanding to Bring Relief to Those Who Suffer Stress-Related Weight Gain

Diet Doc now includes the natural hormone, Oxytocin, to help those who struggle with stress-related weight gain for a safe, successful and comfortable transition


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2015 -- The doctors at Diet Doc are not primary care physicians, but are highly qualified weight loss specialists who are specially educated in the art and nutritional science of safe and fast weight loss. They work individually with each new patient to assess the entire system, review past medical history, current conditions and weight loss goals in order to better understand and accurately diagnose the real reason for weight gain. The team works closely with each patient to create a master diet plan that includes nutritionist-designed meal and snack plans that encourage healthy, interesting and energizing food choices to boost the metabolism for faster fat burn and keep the body nourished while trimming excess pounds and inches from the most stubborn and difficult to lose areas. The patient's master diet plan may include Diet Doc's pure, prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills, and powerful fat burners to help patients over the initial weight loss hurdles by eliminating hunger, cravings and loss of energy, enabling patients to focus completely on reaching their ideal weight.

The company recently introduced Oxytocin to their already impressive collection of weight management products, targeting those patients who struggle with stress-related weight gain. And, while Oxytocin will not be prescribed for all patients, those who do suffer from stress-related weight gain have shown tremendous success. Demonstrated to curb the appetite by selectively suppressing sugar intake, perhaps by reducing the thrill of eating and reducing the emotional reward derived from food during times of stress, Oxytocin has shown powerful positive influence and has helped thousands of patients safely, successfully and rapidly lose dangerous and embarrassing excess fat.

Over the past decade, Oxytocin has been affectionately dubbed the "love hormone", being known for its ability to help people bond with their children and partner, reduce inhibitions in social situations, demonstrate more empathy, become more generous and cooperative and develop more trusting relationships. Recent research, however, reveals that this natural hormone holds even more benefit by helping those who struggle with stress-related weight gain to take control of their weight and their emotions by resisting the temptation to reach for high calorie comfort foods during high pressure or stressful situations by soothing the mood, calming anxiety and relieving stress.

Decades of scientific research combined with the most modern medical understanding has helped Diet Doc to continue to develop products and refine their services to help patients throughout the country improve their physical and emotional health by melting dangerous excess fat safely, quickly and comfortably. Call or visit today to schedule an immediate, no-cost, private doctor consultation.

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